Internal ITS Policy Regarding Guest User Accounts for Conferences

October 17, 2008

Modified – September 11, 2009

Guest user accounts are often requested for conferences. Our legal counsel had advised us that the most conservative approach that ensures compliance with CALEA is to create a separate account for each guest. 

However, recently, academic departments have become increasingly resistant claiming we are the only institution that does this.  This is perceived as inconveniencing visiting faculty and presenters.

Moving forward, ITS will evaluate each request on a case-by-case basis.  Conferences that include numbers of students, especially high school students, will likely use individual accounts.  Those conferences comprised largely of faculty may use a single guest account.  ITS will use discretion regarding the next level of vulnerability.

Where a single account is used, the following language should appear in conference materials:

“As a guest user on Wesleyan University's private network, you are expected to comply with all applicable laws related to Internet use including, but not limited to, DMCA laws prohibiting illegal file sharing and access to illegal content.  Access to the Internet is monitored and violators will have their privileges revoked.”

Guest access for Middletown community members

In coordination with the Center for Community Partnerships (CCP), Wesleyan may grant guest computer access to members of the local Middletown community upon request. All such requests are handled via the CCP office and shall remain in effect for the duration of the semester. Accounts will expire at semester close and need to be renewed by request. Wesleyan students always take precedence over community guests. Guests may be asked to vacate a computer if others are not available for student use.