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WesPortal is your go-to place for access to the tools you need for course management and advising. 

Request Help

Desktop support specialists are professional support staff who provide technical assistance on your devices and assist you when it's time to replace your computer. You may reach them by Reporting an Issue or calling one of our Desktop Support Specialists or our main operations number at 860-685-4100. 

Microsoft Office

Wesleyan email is delivered through Microsoft Office365.  You can access your mail online or via a mail client on your devices. Your Wesleyan computer comes pre-loaded with the MS Office suite.  You may download Microsoft Office applications to use on up to 5 other devices from the Office365 portal. Login with your Wesleyan email and password. Storage via OneDrive allows for easy synchronization of files to the cloud so you can access them from anywhere.  

Prefer to work in Google Apps? Wesleyan also offers Google's suite of applications with your Wesleyan login. Sharing with the Wesleyan community is easy.  Wesleyan does not use Google mail for faculty email accounts.

Desktop Support Staff

Academic Technology staff are dedicated professional staff available to help you navigate all technology to meet your teaching and research needs.  Reach out to get support on any of the following:

  • Wesleyan uses Moodle for its learning management system. All courses are automatically created and availble for use every semester.  
  • Wesleyan runs an on-campus instance of WordPress which is an easy-to-use platform for research and professional web pages.
  • There are a few options for file storage including both Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive for easily available cloud storage.  Campus solutions using SMB shares are also available.
  • Wesleyan's campus subscription is an excellent option for updating one's own skills as well as providing augmentative training for students in your courses.  An Academic Technologist can help develop a customized list of training videos for use throughout a course.

CrashPlan back-up software

Your Wesleyan provided computer comes with back-up software called CrashPlan.  Always running in the background, CrashPlan backs up files as they change and allows for restores from anywhere on or off campus.


Multi-function printing devices are located throughout the campus. Desktop support can assist you to install the printers you need.  Need to print a poster or other large format document? Cardinal Print can help you at locally competitive fees.