Large Format Printing - Art Workshop

Spring 2017: The wide format printers in AWKS are not currently operational.  We will be replacing the unit Spring 2018.  Until then, please contact Cardinal Printing for wide format printing needs.    

Scheduling a job:

Contact Julian Goldfield – put a request into the service queue at (put Large Format Print in the Short Description) or 860-570-2817 – to make an appointment.


Large format printers are located in the CFA's Art Workshop Building, Room 109.


Wesleyan's large format printing is priced below commercial rates at $5.50 per square foot.  This price includes assistance in preparing images for printing, professional quality archival paper, and professional quality archival ink.  The cost per square foot encompasses the total amount of paper used, including blank space, borders, etc.


In use are a 24" Epson 7800 large format printer and a 44" Epson 9880 large format printer.  


Wesleyan University SmartKey, student account, or personal check.

File submission and preparation:

Images should be in .jpg/.jpeg or .tif/.tiff format.  The images should be set at 300 DPI/PPI, and sized to the exact size of the required print.  Other file formats may be accepted (.ppt, .pptx, .pdf, .psd, .ai…) but may require more lead time as they may ultimately need to be converted into .jpg/.jpeg/.tif/.tiff for final printing.


Plan on bringing images to AWKS 109 and looking at them on the computer there to proof the color and confirm any necessary changes before printing.  ITS can also do 24" x 6" test print to confirm the color/quality of image. Bring images to AWKS on any USB or Firewire drive, on CD/DVD's, or by linking to a network/cloud storage site.


 Archival quality Epson Enhanced Matte paper.