Classroom Response Devices ("Clickers")

TurningPoint ( offers the software and hardware needed to set up an audience response system for long or short-term course use. The system consists of small hand-held radio frequency transmitters used by the students, and a computer equipped with a receiver and software that aggregates student responses and graphically displays the results. Using TurningPoint in tandem with Powerpoint, the instructor poses multiple choice questions to the students, who in turn have a set amount of time to submit their answer using small hand-held transmitters (aka “clickers”). Results can be gathered anonymously or they can be associated with individual participants.

The current version of Turning Point is version 5. This version offers three answer collection options. Across all three, answers can be stored and graded for accuracy, participation, or simply for data collection and discussion.

  • PowerPoint Polling is an update of the primary system offered by previous versions of PowerPoint. It operates on PCs only, and embeds customized Turning Point Question Slides into PowerPoint presentations. It can then save results and display these results on slides easily.
  • TurningPoint Anywhere, which functions as a floating toolbar, works on both PCs and Macs. This approach does not allow for seamless embedding in PowerPoint, but can be run simultaneous to any presentation method.
  • Self-paced Testing allows for students to electronically fill out multiple choice quizzes and tests in a manner similar to that of a "bubble sheet". 

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