Event & Audio/Visual Support

Event Support Fees for FY15-17

Event Support Request Process and Policy

  1. We strictly enforce a 5 business days advance request period, so if you need setup or event assistance, please request it through Events & Scheduling as early as you can.   You must request support even for setup assistance (e.g., setting up microphones).  Many of the larger rooms have microphones in them (e.g., a wireless lapel mic), and you can ask for training on how to use the room mic and AV equipment.
  2. Video support requests must also be made 5 business days in advance via the Video Request form (  
  3. However, since we need to limit the number of events we support, even an early request is no guarantee that your event will be supported.  We will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm or deny support coverage of your event.  
  4. Our business hours will be held to 7:30 am-11 pm. Our student staff will not be asked to stay beyond 11 pm. If your event ends after 11 pm, it will be incumbent on you to lock up the equipment so that ITS can return in the morning to retrieve it.
  5. Staff (students or full-time) will not respond to support calls after 11 pm, nor will full-time staff answer the IMS/Classroom support line after 11 pm or come to campus after 11pm.

Event Video and Audio Recording

We provide video- and audio-recording of events as well as basic editing and archiving. We also can format the recording for the web or write it to DVD and add professional menus and labels. There are charges for event recording services, except for recordings of class meetings.

All requests must be made 5 business days in advance using the Video Request form at

If you have specific questions about this service, call Instructional Media Services at x4959 or write Brent Morgan ( for more information.  

Audio/ Visual Support

Audio visual support is available for events like lectures, dances, film-screenings, and debates. The service includes providing and setting up needed equipment such as projectors, screens, microphones, speakers, mixing boards. In addition, our techs are available to set up and break down events, as well as to stay for their duration to ensure that your event runs smoothly.

All Event Support requests must be made 5 days in advance using the Event Management System (EMS) available through portfolio or by calling Events and Scheduling at 860.685.2280 or by emailing


Wescast is Wesleyan's webcasting service.  We webcast important events such as sports games, and lectures so that anyone around the world with a computer and access to the Internet can view your event. Click here for more information on WesCast.

All requests must be made 5 business days in advance using the Video Request form at

Request Service

All recording, webcasting and A/V support is requested through the Web Room Request System (Virtual EMS) in your electronic portfolio and should be arranged at least 5 business days before the event. Please send all questions regarding Virtual EMS (Web Room Request) to