iTunes U

Wesleyan University provides access to more than 400 faculty and guest speaker lectures as well as special events and weekly seminars on its public iTunes U site. Members of the University community can download podcast tracks or subscribe to podcast series and have them automatically delivered to their iPod, iPad, iPhone or desktop through their iTunes U account.  For more information on creating content for iTunes U, please contact Melissa Rocha, Manager of Video Services in Creative Services at  

Click here to see the latest programs on Wesleyan's iTunes U page.

Installing the iTunes Application

iTunes is available as a free download for PCs running Windows 8, 7, XP or Vista, and for the Mac. Go to and click on the Download button to install the latest version of iTunes.  

iTunes U Administration

The Office of Communication's Creative Services Video team is responsible for the administration and maintenance of the University's iTunes U site.  This group creates the University podcast series, produces the audio and video university podcasts and supervises the metadata and posting of each podcast. 

University Policies

All podcasts must comply with the university copyright use policy.  

Video and audio content will only be uploaded upon receipt by the Creative Services' Video Staff of a completed Wesleyan University Release Form.  A signed copy of a release form of any person appearing in the program should be completed and submitted to the Office of Communications prior to the event.  

Podcast Decline or Removal Policy

Wesleyan University reserves the right to decline or remove a podcast.  Poor audio or video quality, programming that does not further the mission, purpose or reputation of the university, or programming that is in violation of the law, could be removed or declined at any time.