The Office of University Communications (UComm) maintains the Wesleyan YouTube Channel and can assist faculty, staff and students with uploading video content for public distribution. Through our YouTube Channel we are able to showcase Wesleyan lectures, interviews, student and faculty videos, and highlights of special events to a broader audience.  

Click here to view Wesleyan's YouTube Channel.

University Policies

All video programs submitted to the Office of Communications for posting in YouTube must comply with the university copyright use policy.  Video programs that are not in the correct format, are of poor audio or video quality, do not further the mission, purpose or reputation of the university, or in any way in violation of the law, Wesleyan University reserves the right to decline or remove a video program at any time. 

Video content will only be uploaded to YouTube upon receipt of a completed Wesleyan University Release Form.  A signed copy of a release form (link to release form) for any person appearing in the program should be completed and submitted to the Office of Communications prior to the event.  

Closed Captioning of your video can be supported when a properly formatted transcript (.txt) or time-coded caption file (.sbv) accompanies the request.  

YouTube Administration

The Office of Communications is responsible for the administration and maintenance of the University's YouTube Channel. For more information on producing a video program for the Wesleyan's YouTube Channel, please contact