Individual WordPress Sites

Faculty, staff and students may request an individual WordPress site.

Faculty and Staff
To request a site, go to the Tools and Links bucket in your Faculty or Employee Portfolio, and select Blog & Wiki Request. Once you agree to the usage policies for the Web 2.0 tools such as the blogs, your request will be submitted and you will be notified by an email when your site is ready to go. For information on whether a blog or wiki would work best for your purpose click here. For documentation on using WordPress, you can go here. You  may also find classes in on tips and tricks about using Wordpress.


All Individual Student and Student Group Blogs are hosted by WordPress, there are numerous free tutorials for the web hosting service on for every skill level offered by the University.

To Request an Individual Student Blog:
  • Sign On to your Portfolio
  • Click on the Student Portfolio tab
  • Under the Tools & Links category click 'Request a Personal Website' and a request it automatically submitted under your username

The blog will be setup as

All blog requests will take up to a week to activate.

To Sign-On to your Individual Student Blog:
  • Go to
  • Under the META section on the right-hand side click 'Log in'
  • Sign in with the Wesleyan user credentials associated with the blog

Student Group Blogs

To Request a Student Group Blog:
  • In order to create a Student Group Blog, the Student Group must be recognized by the Wesleyan Student Assembly's Community Outreach Committee (WSA COCo).  Click here for more information about recognition for your group.
  • Once your group is recognized by the WSA, you can submit a creation request via email including the name of your student group, the usernames of the adminstrators for your group's blog, and the requested URL for your blog (
To Sign-On to your Student Group Blog:
  • Go to
  • Under the META section on the right-hand side click 'Log in'
  • Sign in with any of the Wesleyan user credentials associated with the group blog


If you have any questions, email

Group Wordpress Sites

Faculty, staff and students may also request group sites.

Faculty and Staff
Group sites can be used for courses, research, conferences, and collaborative projects. To request a group site please contact the appropriate person listed below:

Arts and Humanities
    Steve Bertolino –

Languages and Classical Studies
    Emmanuel Paris-Bouvret –

Natural Sciences and Mathematics
    Miriam Cope –

Social Sciences
    Dave Baird –

Administrative Staff
    Pat Leone –