Meet the Staff

Allen Alonzo 860/685-2228 Associate Director of Information Technology Auxiliary Services
Mohit Bachhav 860/685-3272 Network Specialist
David Baird 860/685-2119 Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
Steven Bertolino 860/685-2608 Academic Computing Manager for Arts and Humanities
Paula Blue 860/685-2398 Instructional Technologist
Gaylord Brown 860/685-2807 Analyst Programmer
Samantha Burr 860/685-3190 Manager, Cardinal Technology Store and Technology Procurement Specialist
Christopher Caesar 860/685-3866 Windows System Administrator
Glenn Carlson 860/685-2226 Computer Technician
Jennifer Carlstrom 860/685-3180 Lead Designer
Miriam Cope 860/685-5963 Academic Computing Manager for NSM
Sharon Cwirka 860/685-2142 Analyst Programmer
Melissa Datre 860/685-3318 Director of the New Media Lab
Tom DiMauro 860/685-2136 Analyst Programmer & DBA
Robert Elsinger 860/685-2127 Computer Electronic Technician
Matthew Elson 860/685-2481 Unix Systems Administrator
Heric Flores-Rueda 860/685-2147 Senior Instructional Media Specialist
Julian Goldfield 860/685-2817 Desktop Support Specialist and Art Workshops Technology Administrator
Annette Howard 860/685-4838 Analyst Programmer, Project Leader
Benjiman Jackson 860/685-2103 Desktop Support Specialist, Administration
Jane Jylkka 860/685-3671 Analyst Programmer, Project Leader
Jim Kamm 860/685-3926 Desktop Support Specialist
Kevin Kane 860/685-2109 Applications Programmer
Rich Langer 860/685-2225 Analyst Programmer, Project Leader
Darrell Lawrence 860/685-4202 Analyst Programmer
Patricia Leone 860/685-3102 World Wide Web Administrator
Emily MacLeod 860/685-4497 Web and Mobile Developer
Steven Machuga 860/685-2138 Director of Administrative Systems
Jerry Maguda 860/685-2128 Computer Operations Specialist
Henk Meij 860/685-3783 Manager of Unix Systems Group
Scott Michael 860/685-2227 Senior Computer/Electronic Technician
Donna Moore 860/685-4742 Administrative Assistant IV
Brent Morgan 860/685-3952 Instructional Media Specialist
Karen Murphy 860/685-2867 Analyst Programmer
John Neyssen 860/685-2542 Unix Systems Administrator
Ravindra Patil 860/685-2088 PeopleSoft Analyst Programmer
Dan Pflederer 860/685-4681 HRMS Functional Specialist
Carolyn Pike 860/685-3034 PeopleSoft Project Analyst
Brendan Plake 860/685-2319 Desktop Support Specialist
Jennifer Platt 860/685-2132 Manager of Print Services
Joseph Rich 860/685-2271 Desktop Support Specialist/Science and Math
Jason Simms 860/685-2812 Academic Computing Manager for the Social Sciences
Rosalie Smith 860/685-3399 Telecommunications Specialist
Barbara Spadaccini 860/685-3004 Analyst Programmer, Project Leader
Vince Spiars 860/685-3072 Administrative User Services Manager
Melissa Sullivan 860/685-2754 ITS Lead Video Producer
James Taft 860/685-3071 Assistant Director of Technology Support Services
Kendall Taillon II 860/685-5657 Network Administrator
Kyle Tousignant 860/685-2378 Desktop Systems Engineer
Alexander Vazquez 860/685-3358 Instructional Media Specialist
Jason Vienneau 860/685-2105 Web Developer
John Wareham 860/685-2214 Video Production Coordinator
Karen Warren 860/685-3584 Director of User and Technical Services
Jolee West 860/685-2763 Director of Academic Computing and IT Library Collaborations
Allynn Wilkinson 860/685-4954 Post Production Developer
Stephen Windsor 860/685-3985 Senior DBA