Nonprofit Boards: Theory and Practice

The Nonprofit Board Residency program is a .5 credit course that provides an opportunity for Wesleyan students to learn about the nonprofit sector and work closely with a local nonprofit board of directors. Students will attend board meetings and actively participate in a committee of the board while completing a project identified by the organization. Students will also meet weekly on campus with the instructor, Clifton Watson, director of the Jewett Center for Community Partnerships, for readings and discussions about the nonprofit sector, boards of directors, reflections on the experience and more. Students will receive .5 credits per semester through CSPL280 and CSPL281. This course is POI and students must be willing to commit to the entire year.

Once students apply, they will be matched with a local organization.

Tentative Timeline:

April 13, by 11:59pm: Student applications due

April 18 by 9:00am: Students selected for the course

Rolling deadline: Organization applications

Early July: Organizational matches made