Wesleyan COVID-19 Dashboard

Last updated: Thursday, April 22, 2021 at 12:00 a.m.

The data in this dashboard captures COVID-19 test results for students and employees (including faculty, staff, contractors, and temporary workers) who are currently living, studying, or working on Wesleyan’s campus. The information reflects test samples collected through April 20, 2021. This dashboard is updated as we receive results from our testing partner, the Broad Institute, which is generally 24-36 hours after collecting tests. 

Current Alert Level

Yellow - Medium

Students may now visit each other in residence halls and program houses.  COVID capacities, including no more than two individuals in a bedroom at any one time, and COVID guidelines must be followed—wearing masks and maintaining six-foot distancing. Students may also leave campus only for travel within Middletown – be it trips to grocery stores, pharmacies, or for medical appointments. But, students are restricted from dine-in restaurants and off-campus fitness centers. For more information and additional details, please review the Latest Updates section on the Keep Wes Safe website.

Unique Students and Employees Tested

Students Employees Total
2,530 887 3,417

Note: Reflects numbers of individuals tested during Spring Semester period only. 

Active Cases

Active cases represent the number of students who have tested positive or are symptomatic and are currently in isolation or the number of employees who have tested positive or are symptomatic and are currently not allowed on campus. Students with an inconclusive result will be moved to isolation and if determined to be positive will be added as a positive case.
Learn more about our protocols for isolation and quarantine.

Students Employees Total
0 3 3

Isolation/Quarantine Housing

Case 0
Contact 0

Note: Reflects number of students currently in isolation/quarantine housing based on testing results. 

Cumulative Results to Date*

Students Employees
Positive 53 19
Inconclusive 23 2
Negative 50,044 10,702
Indeterminate** 1,167 156
Total 51,287 10,879
Positivity Rate 0.10% 0.17%

Note: Cumulative results are for the Spring Semester, which started the week of 2/1/21. Older test results can be found in the complete archive of test results

Test Results by Week

2/22/21 3/1/21 3/8/21 3/15/21 3/22/21 3/29/21 4/5/21 4/12/21 4/19/21
Positive 4 9 6 6 7 12 4 4 0
Negative 5,649 5,716 5,764 5,690 5,667 5,595 5,663 5,551 2,714
Indeterminate** 144 130 107 105 97 107 103 99 33
Total 5,797 5,855 5,877 5,801 5,771 5,714 5,770 5,654 2,747
Positivity Rate 0.07% 0.15% 0.10% 0.10% 0.12% 0.21% 0.07% 0.07% 0.00%

Weeks run from Monday to Sunday, and results are reported on the date the tests were collected. Weekly results reflect the results to date for that week; for the current week, they may not capture a full week's results.

See a complete archive of test results.

About the Data

The data in this dashboard captures COVID-19 test results for students and employees who are currently living, studying, or working on Wesleyan’s campus. Employees include faculty, staff, contractors, and temporary workers.

Only results from testing conducted on campus are included. The test being used is a self-administered anterior nasal swab Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test for COVID-19, which is believed to detect more than 95 percent of true positives.  

* Per CDC guidelines, all positive COVID-19 tests will be treated as such unless in the rare case there is convincing evidence that the test was a false positive (which would be determined retrospectively). We have removed a few such cases from our dashboard. 

Learn more about Wesleyan’s testing program in partnership with the Broad Institute, including the testing process, testing schedules and frequency, and protocols for contact tracing, isolation and quarantine, and caring for those who test positive.

** Indeterminate test results are those that the Broad Institute was unable to process for a variety of reasons such as insufficient sample size. The Broad Institute indicated that up to 5 percent of results could return as indeterminate.