The Less Commonly Taught Languages Program expands the range of language and cultural opportunities available to the Wesleyan community in the classroom and beyond, reflecting and fostering Wesleyan's commitment to diversity.

Instruction in the Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs) is offered through standard courses and the Self-Instructional Language Program (SILP), which allows students to work independently with the assistance of a native-speaker and the use of texts and technological resources.

Currently, courses are offered in American Sign Language. LCTL courses are offered under the LANG (Language) designation, usually year-long, and may be used as preparation for focused study abroad, in support of academic interests, or to fulfill more personal goals.

Contact Information:

Emmanuel Paris-Bouvret, Coordinator: (860) 685-2560 /
Debra Pozzetti, Administrative Assistant: (860) 685-3359 /