Confidentiality of Library Records

Wesleyan University Library is committed to the protection of the privacy rights of all of its students, faculty, staff and other library users. In the spirit of CT state law C.G.S.A. § 11-25, and in accordance with the American Library Association policy on "Confidentiality of Library Records," all library records are considered to be confidential transactions. Library staff will not release the name of any person to whom an item is currently charged, nor will they release past circulation records (this includes interlibrary loans).

For exceptions, individual faculty, students and staff must request, in writing, that the library is authorized to share circulation information with other persons who might request such information. Persons making requests for circulation information must state the specific purpose for which the data is being used. If faculty and students would like to share their circulation information with each other, both parties must agree in writing to this arrangement and be approved by the University Librarian. All exceptions must be submitted in writing to the University Librarian, Olin Library, Room 202A.