Visitor Internet Access

If you wish only to use the library catalog, Wesleyan web site, or government web sites, several workstations have been set aside that do not require a login.  Ask at the Reference Desk for assistance in locating these workstations.

To obtain full internet access, library visitors must be assigned a guest login to connect to the Wesleyan network via wifi or a library computer.

Visitors who wish to use WiFi may self-register for a guest account that is valid for 72 hours.

Visitors who wish to use a University computer, may request a guest account to log into University computers for that day. Guest accounts are meant to provide temporary access to the Internet for University visitors, and a guest account may be assigned no more than three times to any one visitor in a 12-month period.  Valid photo ID must be shown to obtain a guest computer account.

You can obtain a guest login at the Olin library Reference Desk, or from a staff member in any of the libraries.