The Use of Wesleyan Libraries by Non-Wesleyan Users

Although Wesleyan University is a private institution and our first priority is to students, faculty, staff, and administration of Wesleyan, the libraries are open to all users for research purposes and for access to the U.S. federal government depository collection.

Non-Wesleyan affiliated users may use any and all publicly-accessible resources and services not currently being used or needed by Wesleyan users. Publicly-accessible resources include photocopiers, microforms and microform readers, computers and online resources that do not require logins or passwords to access. Printing is available only to the Wesleyan community; non-Wesleyan users may bring a disk or flash drive for downloading if needed.

Individual assistance to non-Wesleyan users will be provided after the Wesleyan community is served. CTW and interlibrary loan services, reserve materials, group and individual instruction, classes, and unscheduled tours are not available to non-Wesleyan users. Teachers bringing groups of students to Wesleyan for special research assignments must call and speak to someone in the library office at least a week in advance to determine whether such a group can be accommodated.

Non-Wesleyan users should keep in mind that at various times of the academic year the library's resources are in heavy demand. Non-Wesleyan users may be asked to give up resources (books, computers, study space, etc) that are needed by Wesleyan users. Visitors should plan accordingly.