Wesleyan University Library Meeting Spaces

Wesleyan Library welcomes the campus community to use their meeting rooms. Groups are subject to Wesleyan University's anti-discrimination policies and American Library Association's policies regarding meeting spaces.

For information about group study areas, see our Library Group Study Areas page.  
For information about other meeting spaces on campus, see the University Events and Scheduling Office

Book a meeting room

Room How to book the room Room capacity Equipment available For help with the room’s equipment
Olin Library Develin Room (2nd floor)

Call the Olin Library Office:

50 maximum: 
16 chairs around table.

If need be, 6 additional chairs can be added around the table.

32 additional chairs around the perimeter of the room

Laptop computer (PC)
Projector for computer
VHS player
DVD player
Telephone (x3810)
Hot plates for coffee, water


Food and drink permitted

If you experience problems with the equipment, contact ITS at x4959.

Olin Library Music Seminar Room (Room 327B)

through EMS

28 maximum:
14 around the table

(12 to see screen); 

14 additional chairs around the perimeter of the room

This is a music multi-media classroom with all the accompanying equipment, 
including a phonograph turntable and cassette deck.
Telephone (x1191)
There are plug-in jacks for equipment brought in.


Food and drink permitted
If you experience problems with the equipment, contact ITS x4959.
Science Library Conference Room Call Linda Hurteau:

8 seated at the conference table
14 maximum

No food or drink If you experience problems with the equipment, contact ITS at x4959.



If a group cancels a meeting, it should notify the library as soon as possible so the room can be used by others. 

It is possible that the library may have to 'bump' a meeting from the room if a group with higher priority needs it (see Priority use of the rooms). If this happens, the library will make every attempt to find an alternate location within the library for the event, but this may not always be possible.

Room use and library schedule

Groups do not have access to the library or the room when the library is closed, and this should be taken into account when scheduling an event. Caterers, instructors and event organizers may access the room when the library is open. Events must be scheduled so that the group will have time to clean up and reconfigure the room before the library closes.

Library meeting rooms are not reservable in the evenings or on weekends, even when the library is open, except the Music Seminar Room which may be reserved by classes during weekday evenings; please contact Alec McLane for more details.

Policies: Setup, Cleanup, Costs, and Catering

Groups may not charge for events held in the library.

The library does not charge groups to schedule a room, but will ask the group for a university account number or $50 refundable deposit before the room is reserved.

The group is responsible for setting up tables, chairs and equipment before their event, and for returning the contents to their original configuration after the event, and should take this into account when determining the length of time to schedule the room.

There are no restrictions on the caterer used, the food or beverage served or the kind of containers used. The group reserving the room is responsible for providing all food and beverages, cleaning up after the event, and contacting the caterer in case of problems.

If the room is not cleaned up and/or tables and chairs are not returned to their original configuration after the event or if there is damage to the room or its contents, a $50 cleanup fee and/or the cost of repair will be charged to the group.

Priority use of the library meeting rooms

Certain groups and departments are given priority in the use of library rooms.  It may occasionally be necessary to change or cancel reservations for any event or group meeting except classes, to accommodate meetings of these priority groups.

Develin Room Music Seminar Room
(Olin Rm. 327B)
SciLi Conference Room
  1. Faculty Advisory Committee
  2. Library groups
  3. Other campus groups
  4. Student groups
  5. Community groups (if there is a tie to Wesleyan)
NOTE: No regularly-scheduled classes in this room.
  1. Music Dept. classes
  2. Other classes
  3. Library groups
  4. Other campus groups
  5. Student groups
  1. Library groups
  2. Other campus groups
  3. Student groups