Information for Visitors

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Building access: Olin Library has Wesleyan ID card-swipe access system in effect. During regular semester hours, swipe access goes into effect at 9 pm Monday-Thursday and 6 pm Friday-Sunday. Visitors or community borrowers may contact Public Safety for entering Olin Library after non-public hours. 

The Wesleyan Libraries are open to all users for research purposes and for access to the US federal government depository collection during regular semester public hours (9am-9pm, Monday-Thursday; 9am-6pm, Friday; 10am-6pm, Saturday-Sunday).

Internet access:  Wireless internet (wifi) is available to campus visitors through a self-registration process (instructions.)  For access to use computers in the library, a guest internet login is available upon showing photo id, but is limited to 3 times per visitor in a 12 month period.  You may wish to review our visitor policies.

Library card / Borrowing materials: Visitors may apply for a library card.  For details about how to apply and who is eligible to obtain a library card at Wesleyan University, see our Get a Library Card page.  For details about how what you can borrow and for how long, see our Loan Periods page.

Online materials: Visitors may access online library materials from library computers while they are visiting Wesleyan's libraries. Visitors do not have any access to online library materials from off-campus.

Reference help: Reference services are available to visitors on a limited basis.

Restrictions: Some services are not to visitors, even once they have obtained a library card.  Review our list of services unavailable to guests. Our first priority is to our students, faculty, staff, and administration, so at times you may be asked to give up resources that are needed by Wesleyan users.

Support the library: Support the library's work by joining the Friends of Arts and Letters