Services for Undergraduate Thesis Writers

Library Workshops

The library offers workshops for senior thesis writers and essayists each September. Thesis writers who attend receive expanded interlibrary loan services. Topics covered in the workshops: interlibrary loans, reference services, information technology, finding resources here and elsewhere, EndNote, and more. 

Thesis writer workshops will be offered Monday Sept 23 through Thursday Sept 26 at 11 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm (note: no 3pm session on Wednesday).  No registration necessary, just drop in.  Meet in the Olin Library Develin Room (Room 204, on the second floor near the Art Library.)

Extended Library Borrowing Privileges

All thesis writers receive extended due dates on books borrowed from Wesleyan and CTW. Books borrowed after the student has been updated to thesis writer status will become due at the end of the spring semester.

Thesis writers who attend a library thesis writing workshop receive expanded interlibrary loan privileges (they are permitted up to 30 interlibrary loan requests at a time.) Please note that if you plan to write a thesis that will be based on publications you find while you are abroad it it is often difficult for the Interlibrary Loan Department to gain timely access to unpublished or non-English materials and foreign government publications.

Research Assistance

We encourage you to make an appointment with a reference librarian for research assistance when you write your thesis. A librarian will provide you with useful information and advice on how to conduct your research efficiently.  Make an appointment.

Honors Study Carrels

The library offers library carrels for undergraduate thesis writers. Seniors who are Honors candidates may apply to receive a carrel.

In order to retain a carrel, a student must remain on the list of Honors candidates.  The list is regularly reissued throughout the academic year, and students with carrels who are not on the current Honors list will be required to vacate their carrel.

All students must surrender their carrels as soon as they complete their theses. Keys must be returned by  April 21, 2020. Failure to return your key on time will result in an $85 charge to your student account for a lock change.

New Carrel Application Process for 2019

As described in the Argus last spring, the library and WSA are piloting a new method of assigning thesis carrels for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Rather than assigning one student to each carrel, two students will be assigned to share each carrel, ensuring that all thesis writers can be assigned a carrel and eliminating the need for a waitlist.

Students have the option of choosing a person with which to share a carrel or receiving a randomly-assigned carrel partner. Students may also indicate their preferred library for their carrel.

This new process is a trial, and we will continue conversations with students about the best way to assign carrels.

Applying for a Carrel

September 2, 2019:  Carrel applications are available in WesPortal from the Honors Carrel Application link in the Library category.

Students have the option to select a carrel partner and a preferred library for their carrel when applying. For partners to be assigned the same carrel both students must select each other as a partner and select the same preferred library.

Carrels will be assigned randomly, honoring students' library preference whenever possible. Students who have not indicated a carrel partner will be assigned a partner randomly.

Olin Library has closed carrels.

Science Library has carrels on the ground floor that are open workstations with lockable compartments; on the second floor there are an 8 closed carrels that are small rooms open at the bottom and top.

September 13, 2019:  Deadline for submitting carrel applications.

September 24, 2019: Carrel and partner assignments will be available in WesPortal from the Honors Carrel Application link in the Library category. Students may pick up carrel keys at the Olin Library Reserve desk (for Olin carrels) or the Science Library Circulation Desk (for Science carrels).

September 30, 2019: Last day to pick up carrel keys. 

April 21, 2020: Carrel keys due. Keys must be returned to the Olin Library Reserve desk. $85 fee will be charged through Student Accounts for unreturned carrel keys.