Librarian / Faculty Liaison Program

This program aims to provide each faculty member with a personal contact to help convey information about library resources and services and to whom library-related issues and questions may be addressed. These librarians might explain, for example, relevant databases and how to use them, possible class presentations, or new procedures such as submitting scholarly output to WesScholar. If your department is not listed, or if you have any questions, contact Interim University Librarian Diane Klare at x3867.

Department Primary Liaison
African American Studies Nancy Putnam x2308
American Studies Kendall Hobbs x3962
Anthropology Kendall Hobbs x3962
Archaeology Michaelle Biddle x3875
Art and Art History Susanne Javorski x3326
Asian Languages and Literatures EunJoo Lee x3454
Astronomy Melissa Behney x3714
Biology Melissa Behney x3714
Center for the Humanities Suzy Taraba x3375
Chemistry Melissa Behney x3714
Classical Studies Kendall Hobbs x3962
College of Letters Suzy Taraba x3375
College of Social Studies Nancy Putnam x2308
College of the Environment Melissa Behney x3714
Dance Alec McLane x3899
Earth and Environmental Studies Melissa Behney x3714
East Asian Studies EunJoo Lee x3454
Economics Diane Klare x3867
English Alec McLane x3899
Environmental Studies Melissa Behney x3714
Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Francesca Livermore x3882
Film Studies Susanne Javorski x3326
German Studies Rebecca McCallum x3839
Government Studies Nancy Putnam x2308
Graduate Liberal Studies Program Kendall Hobbs x3962
History (American) Nancy Putnam x2308
History (Europe or other, except American) Nancy Putnam x2308
Informatics and Modeling Melissa Behney x3714
International Relations Nancy Putnam x2308
Jewish / Israeli Studies Nancy Putnam x2308
Latin American / Caribbean Studies Aaron Sandoval x3834
Less Commonly Taught Languages Alec McLane x3899
Mathematics and Computer Science Lori Stethers x3869
Medieval Studies Michaelle Biddle x3875
Middle Eastern Studies Nancy Putnam x2308
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Melissa Behney x3714
Molecular Biophysics Melissa Behney x3714
Music Alec McLane x3899
Neuroscience and Behavior Emily Voss x2309
Philosophy Kendall Hobbs x3962
Physical Education / Athletics Diane Klare x3867
Physics Melissa Behney x3714
Psychology Emily Voss x2309
Religion Kendall Hobbs x3962
Romance Languages and Literatures Emily Voss x2309
Russian Language and Literature Rebecca McCallum x3839
Russian / East European Studies Rebecca McCallum x3839
Science in Society Program Kendall Hobbs x3962
Sociology Kendall Hobbs x3962
Theater Susanne Javorski x3326