If OneSearch indicates that a book, journal, etc. is "available" but you cannot find it on the shelves where it is supposed to be

First, look up the title again in OneSearch to make sure you have the correct call number; then make sure you have found the correct call number location in the library stacks.

The item may have been recently returned or used elsewhere in the library and not yet reshelved. Items waiting to be reshelved are placed on the shelves along the south wall in the center core stacks, either on floor 1 or on the floor where that call number range is found. If it is a recently published book, it may be on the New Book shelves on the first floor in the west corridor (the Clark Hall side of the building) by the Interlibrary Loan office.

If you cannot find the item, please ask a librarian at the research services desk for assistance. If a librarian is not available, you can report the misssing item at the Circulation office. Or, you can look up the title in OneSearch, click the title to see the full record, and click the Couldn't find it on the shelf? Let us know link to report it to the Circulation Office as missing.