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Guidelines for putting items on reserve at a reserve desk

Submitting requests

  • If you would like items available for the first day of classes, please submit your reserve requests 6 weeks prior to the first day of classes
  • Requests for reserve items may continue to be submitted at any time throughout the semester.  
  • Please note that requests submitted AFTER the first day of classes may take A MINIMUM OF 72 HOURS AND AS LONG AS 2 WEEKS OR MORE before the item will be available to students, even for "rush" requests.
  • Please indicate a realistic date the material will be assigned to the class.  The date will be used to triage the requests when necessary; otherwise requests are generally processed in the order in which they are received.
  • A separate request must be submitted for each title
  • If you have taught the course before and wish to put the same materials on reserve, you may re-submit the previous semesters forms (these were returned to your academic department at the end of the semester.) Please check the information for accuracy before re-submitting.  If requesting a newer edition, please submit a new request.
  • Submitting a copy of your syllabus with your readings can help with reserve processing.

  • Most items from any Wesleyan library may be placed 'on reserve' at the Reserve desk of your choosing (e.g.: Art books my be 'on reserve' at Olin.) 
  • Items on reserve may be borrowed for approximately a 2, 4, or 24 hour period.  A 2 hour loan period will be assigned for items that do not have a load period specified.  Some Art materials may be designated as 'in-house' use only.
  • To view the items currently on print (physical) reserve for your course, select your course from OneSearch's Print Reserves search.

Reserve reading is primarily intended for required readings for courses.  Recommended readings may be placed on reserve, but we ask faculty to include such readings only if they reasonably anticipate substantial use of them by students.  If a new book is being requested, please submit the request early.  It may take several weeks to obtain an item from the publisher.  Please estimate the number of students registered for your course.  One book per 15 students is the standard.  For books owned by Wesleyan, please feel free to gather items from the stacks and bring them directly to reserve staff.

Bound or unbound periodicals are not put on reserve.  Please submit articles as photocopies or request web access to the article.

Submit items with one completed reserve request form for each title, not each copy.  It is very important that the author and title supplied on the reserve request is the same as it appears on the course syllabus, otherwise students have difficulty in retrieving the correct item.  ALL COPIES OF A READING SHOULD BE SUBMITTED AT ONE TIME.  Additional copies submitted at a later time take much longer to process.

Each photocopy is to be submitted in an individual folder supplied by the academic department.  Reserve processing will use the top 3 inches of the front of the folder to affix a label and barcode, so please leave this area blank.

===> Each photocopy must include a copy of the title page and verso (page with detailed publication/copyright information.)  For copyright guidelines please access Wesleyan's IP web site.  If you have further copyright questions, please contact the Reserves staff.

Using the Music Reserve form, faculty may:  1) request that a library cd or lp be placed on reserve; 2) request that the staff compile selected library recordings onto cassettes; or 3) submit personal copies of recordings.

A reserve request must be submitted for library owned, department, or personal videos used by a course.   Unless otherwise instructed by the reserve staff, AV normally shelved at the Science Library is generally best put 'on reserve' at the desk that circulates other items for your course.

Personal Items:
Personal items may be placed on reserve at the owner's risk.  The Library does not accept responsibility for items damaged or lost.  Personal monograph copies will have a barcode and date due slip attached directly to the item unless Reserve personnel are notified to use a mylar wrapper.  A reserve request form must be submitted for each unique title/edition/medium.

Information For Student Run Forums:
Reserve requests for student fun forums, must have the sponsoring faculty's information in the 'faculty name' area, etc.  Toward the bottom of the form in the 'Comments' field, please include the student organizer's name and phone number.

End of Semester Return of Reserve Materials:
At the end of the semester all reserve request forms, photocopies and personal items are returned to the academic department.


Request Online (Web) Access to Reserve Material:

If you would like readings available online to allow student access to the documents at any time, and from any computer connected to the Wesleyan network, please provide a complete citation of the reading and on the reserve request indicate 'WEB ACCESS'.  When submitting a request via the online library catalog, in the comment field type WEB ACCESS followed by the complete citation as indicated at the top of the online form.

Online reserve material requires the same copyright clearance that is necessary for any reserve material.  Copyright guidelines will only permit us to make certain items available online.  The library will obtain the necessary copyright clearance for material to be used online.  Some publishers will not allow their publications to be accessed online.  If this is the case, you will be contacted as soon as we know.  The reading will then be available in book or photocopy format at the reserve desk.  For copyright guidelines please access Wesleyan's IP web site.  If you have further copyright questions, please contact the Reserves staff

A paper copy of a digitized reading will only be available to borrow from a reserve desk if a copy is either provided by the academic department or the reserve request specifically and clearly indicates that both a digitized reading and a paper copy is to be processed for the newly digitized reserve reading.  When the source of a reading is from the web, a hard copy will only be available at the reserve desk if one is provided by the academic department.  Photocopies returned to the academic department from prior semesters may be re-supplied for circulation.

If you have a clean copy of the reading, title page, and verso (free from highlighting, extensive underlining, and marking, all of which make scanning difficult) you may submit it in a folder, along with the reserve request form.  The paper copy you submit will be made available for your students to borrow from the reserve desk.  If you do not already have a photocopy of the reading, or if your copy is not legible, and the book or journal is owned by CTW, you may simply provide us with a complete citation, and we will pull the source and digitize the reading from the original.

Access the online course reserve material from the Library Home Page under the 'COURSE RESERVES' tab. 

Title Not in CTW:
Either submit an online reserve request or a paper reserve request [DOC] for books/videos not owned by CTW.  Reserve staff will submit an Order Request to Acquisitions for the item.


Online Reserve Request Form & Info:

Click here to access the online Reserve Request form

After submitting the online Reserve Request Form the information is emailed to Reserve staff.  A confirmation screen displays your entries.  You may print the confirmation screen if you want to save the information for your records.


Paper Reserve Request Form & Info:

Requests may be submitted by using a WORD document paper reserve request form.  Paper request forms are also available from Reserve staff and/or your department administrative assistant.

Use WORD to complete the form or print the page to manually fill out.  After completing the form, bring to the Reserve staff, or send via campus mail.  (Hint: If submitting many requests for the same course, fill out the name/class information at the top of the form and make photocopies.)

One request must be submitted per title/edition.  Photocopies/course packets must have one completed request form per title.  Please make sure the citation is complete for each reading.  The information requested will allow processing to proceed with minimum delay.

Please type or print clearly the information.  Requests for books or videos should be submitted with call number, author, title, and edition (indicate 'any' if a specific edition is not required.)

For Music Reserves please fill out the green Reserve Form available at the Scores & Recording Office.

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Questions?  Click here for Reserve staff contacts.