Finding Aids

The following alphabetical list links to completed finding aids of fully processed collections in the Wesleyan University Archives. Our unprocessed collections may also have preliminary inventories, registers, or item/contents lists available. Please see the collections list for a complete list or contact Special Collections & Archives for more information.

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Many of our finding aids have been created using Encoded Archival Description (EAD). Thank you to the North Carolina Encoded Archival Description (NCEAD) project and the Society of American Archivists' Encoded Archival Description pages for providing assistance.

Agallian Base Ball Club Records, 1865-1869

Albert, Nancy Ottmann Papers, 1981-2006

Alpha Chi Rho Phi Gamma Chapter collection, 1951-1953

Alpha Delta Phi Records, 1832-2017

Alsop, Joseph Ship's Manifest, 1805

Alumni Council Collection of Recollections, 1939-1946

American Association of University Professors, Wesleyan University Chapter Records, 1973-1987

Andrus, John Papers, 1862-1934

Anti-Nuclear Protests Collection, 1972-1984

Apostles Club Records, 1894-1967

April 29th Coalition Records, 1982

Asian American Student Coalition Records, 2005-2008

Athletic Council Records, 1903-1958

Athletic Teams' Records, 1870-1980

Atwater Family Collections, including the Wilbur Olin Atwater Papers, 1869-1915; Atwater Family Papers, 1788-2003; and Atwater Family Papers, 1843-1943

Bagnall, William Rhodes tutorial record book, 1844-1846

Baker, Osmon C. Collection, 1827-1869, 1934

Bangs, Stephen Beekman Letters, 1841-1842

Bennet, Douglas Papers, 1940-2004

Birdsey, Eldon Benjamin Notebook, 1917

Blood, Lorenzo Whiting Diary, 1835-1844

Boyle, Kay transcript, 1962-1963

Broadside Case Collection, 1896-2004

Butterfield, Victor Lloyd Papers, 1910-1975

Cage, John Papers, 1937-1992

Calef, Arthur Benjamin Papers, 1851-1861

Camus, Albert Papers, 1936-1959

Carlson, Carl Papers, 1937-1941

Cased Images Collection, 1849-1860

Center for Advanced Studies Records, 1958-1969

Chapel Programs Collection, 1871-1972

Chase, Sidera Papers, 1841-1886

Citron, William Political Papers, 1918-1966

Ciu, Do Gieng Collection, ca. 1916-1921

Clark, Laban Papers, 1794-1935

Class Day Programs, 1864-1940

Class of 1873 Boat Club Records and Rowing Scrapbooks, 1871-1882

Class Reunion Books Collection, 1856-[ongoing]

Coeducation Collection, 1871-1998

Commencement Orations Collection, 1833-1855

Conversational Club Records, 1862-1999

Coalition of Private University Students (COPUS) Records, 1970-1981

Cummings, Joseph Papers, 1851-1899

Cuvierian Society Records, 1836-1846

Daddario, Emilio Q. Congressional Papers, 1959-1970

Daltry, Joseph S. Papers, 1934-1961

Davis, William B. Papers, 1892-1940

Davison Art Center Exhibition Catalogs Collection, 1952-1999

Dean of the College Records, 1971-1997

Delegard, Kirsten Thesis Research Notes, 1989-1990

Delta Tau Delta and Phi Rho Literary Society Records, 1903-1971

Department and Academic Program Annual Reports, 1874-2007

Deutsche Verein Records, 1909-1960

Dodge, Raymond papers, 1894-1948

Dwight, Holden Diary, 1837-1843

Esse Quam Videri (EQV) Records, 1958-1968

Estren, Mark Papers, 1961-1968

Examinations Collection, 1868-1970

Ezra and Cecile Zilkha Gallery and Center for the Arts Gallery Exhibition Catalogs Collection, 1973- [ongoing]

Faculty Diversity Oral History Interviews Collection

Financial Planning Committee Records, 1972-1975

Fine Press Ephemera Collection, 1910s-[ongoing]

Fisk, Willbur Papers, 1812-1883

Football Programs Collection, 1891-2005

Franklin, William D. and the Continental Vocalists Collection, 1853-1867

Glee Club and Christmas Candlelight Concert Programs, 1869-1984

Great Hollow Wilderness School/WOW Collection, 1985-1999

Harrington, Karl Pomeroy Papers, 1856-1981

Hartzell, Bertha Drew Papers, 1863-1990

Hatfield, Samuel Proal Photograph Album, 1861-1865

Head of the Connecticut Regatta Collection, 1981-1986

Herge, Henry Curtis Papers, 1942-1946, 1988

Hewlett Diversity Archive, 1912-1999

Holland, Ray P. Papers on Enforcement of the Migratory Bird Treaty, 1872-1974

Huapala Collection, circa 1930-1970

James, William John, Trustee and Financial Records, 1870-1939

Johnston, John Papers, 1822-1877, 1919-1920

Jones, Robert Edmond Papers, 1916-1963

Judd, Harriet Stewart Travel Diary, 1872-1873

Knapp, David Papers, 1946-1949

Knight, Louise Wilby Papers, 1971-1972

Lackey, Gale Papers, 1980s-2014

Legg, Howard Fifield Letters, 1900-1904

Levy, Philip Collection on National Labor Policy, 1922-1970

Lisker, Roy Papers, 1957-

Long, Jerome Collection of World War II African American Court Martial Records, 1944-2000

Long Lane Photographs Collection, circa 1999-2005

Longstreet, James Oliver Diary, 1856

Lucas, Roy Abortion Litigation Papers, 1967-1973

Lyon, William P. Collection, 1840-1841

Manchester, William Papers, 1934-2004

McAllester, David Papers, 1940-1996

Mead, William E. Papers, 1880-1944

Media Collection, 1928-[ongoing]

Middlesex County Archaeological Digs and Course Records, 1976-1983

Middletown Manuscripts Collection, 1668-1937

Middletown Scientific Association Records, 1871-1976

Military on Campus Collection, 1968-1975

Miller, Lynn Smith Papers, 1910-1931

Millett, Fred B. World War II Letters from Students, 1913, 1939-1948

Missionary Lyceum Records, 1834-1871

Monday Club Records, 1892-1995

Munson, Gorham B. Papers on the American Social Credit Movement and New Democracy, 1899-1969, bulk 1932-1945

Music Department Records, 1878-[ongoing]

Navy V-5 and V-12 Training Units Collection, 1941-1944

Nineteenth Century Administrative Records, 1830-1929

Olin, Stephen Henry Regimental Scrapbook, 1860

Parents' Information Collection, 1972-2008

Phi Beta Kappa Records, 1845-1974

Physiological Society Records, 1839-1844

Poetry at the Honors College and Connecticut Poetry Circuit Records, 1966-1990

Porter, Stephen B. Archive of Wesleyan Student Music, 1983-1987

Press Archives Records, 1957-1975

Psi Upsilon Records, 1840-1972

Public Information Office Press Releases, 1961-1978

Queer Periodicals Collection, 1966-1998

Ragini Devi papers, 1931-1977

Rand, Daniel C. Journal, 1839-1845

Reed, Joseph W. and George Creeger Collection of Human Likenesses, 1840-1900

Rice, William North Papers, 1861-1955 (bulk 1861-1928)

Roe, Alfred S. Civil War Papers, 1862-1865, 1891-1892

Rosa Club Records, 1923-1952

Rose, Phyllis Collection, 1977-1984

Rosenbaum, Marjorie Rice Daltry Papers, 1968-2012

Schattschneider, E. E. (Elmer Eric) Papers, 1901-1971 (bulk 1955-1971)

Science Center Planning Files, 1962-1971

Second Stage Records, 1973-[ongoing]

Shanklin Laboratory Renovation Records, 1967-1978

Shook, H. Kenneth Manuscript, 2009

Slobin, Mark Papers, 1947-2013

Stafford, Jean Collection, 1964-1966

Starr, Nathan Comfort Arthuriana Ephemera Collection, 1915-1979

Stetson and Minor Family Photographs Collection, 1862-1948

Student Papers About Middletown Collection, 1976-2005 

Textile Collection, 1885-[ongoing]

Tobias, Sheila Women Studies Collection, 1937-1975; bulk 1970-1975

Tuthill, Samuel M. Papers, 1935-1941

Vanderbilt, Arthur T. Political, Professional, and Judicial Papers, 1902-1957

Vertical (Subject) Files Collection, 1831- [ongoing]

Viewbooks Collection, 1893- [ongoing]

Voluntary Committee of Lawyers Repeal Papers, 1927-1943

Washington's Birthday Commemoration Programs, 1863-1941

Wesleyan Addresses to Freshmen Collection, 1980-1989

Wesleyan Centennial Records, 1931

Wesleyan Clinic Escorts Records, 1993-2006

Wesleyan Museum Records, 1836-1985

Wesleyan Parleys Collection, 1924-1966

Wesleyan Programs Collection, 1833-1976

Wesleyan Spirits Records, 1981-2005

Wesleyan Student Assembly Records, 1969-2005

Wesleyan University College of Quantitative Studies records, 1958-1969

Wesleyan University Davison Art Rooms exhibition catalogs, 1928-1949

Wesleyan University Queer Archive Project collection, 1974-2006

WESU Records, 1943-[ongoing]

White, Moses Clark Collection, 1845-1900

Whiteley, John C. R. Papers, 1921-1947

Witkin, Beatrice Papers, 1949-1988

Women's Studies Program Collection, 1977-2002

World War I Service Records, 1919-1922

Wriston, Henry M. Collection, 1916-1972

Young Men's Republican Club of Wesleyan University Records, 1856