Textile Messages

November 6, 2015 - March 4, 2016

The exhibition, “Textile Messages: Wesleyan Student Apparel Through the Decades,” has examples of items of apparel that are related to the experience of attending Wesleyan in particular and college in general. Some of these items, such as freshman beanies, are symbols of status (or lack of it), tradition, and loyalty to a class or society. A graduation cap or hood is a tangible representation of scholastic achievement. T-shirts provide space for myriad personal expressions. Almost all of the items in the show were or could have been worn on a day-to-day basis, and those that were not are evocative of key social and academic aspects of student life. University Archivist Leith Johnson curated the exhibition. Sarah Harper ’16 conducted photographic research and Maya Stevens ’17 assisted with exhibit preparation.