Print - Copy - Scan in the Libraries

Each library has multi-function devices that print, copy, and scan.  There are instructions next to each device.  To use the devices, swipe your Wesleyan ID card or login with your Wesleyan username and password (don't include on the end of your username when logging in).

The print/copy/scan services are provided by Wesleyan's Information Technology Services department.

Printing and Copying

For printing and copying charges, see the ITS page on printing (the costs are at the bottom of the page).  Printing and copying are charged to your student account.

How to print

To print from a library computer, select the "Printers" print queue when printing. Then you can retrieve the print job from ANY of the library printers.  Walk up to the printer and swipe your Wesleyan ID card or login with your Wesleyan username and password to view and release your print jobs.

You can also print from your own laptop or desktop to a library printer by downloading an app to
 - print from a Mac or
 - print from a PC
For more details, see the ITS Knowledge Base page and scroll down to the "Print/Scan" section for links to instructions on installing the Pharos Popup Client for Mac or PC.

Print jobs stay available in the print queue for 48 hours or until you retrieve the print job at the printer.

If the page you are printing has any color on it, it will default to printing in color.  So be sure to select whether you want to print in color or black and white at the time you send the print job from your computer.  If you print in color, you will only be charged the color rate for the pages that actually have color in them.


Scanning is free.  You can scan in color or black and white on ANY Ricoh multi-function device. Scans will be sent to an email address that you specify (you can only send to addresses) as either a PDF or TIFF file.  The scan email size is limited to 25 MB, but the scanners will warn you when you are approaching that size so that you can divide up your larger scans into multiple emails.

There is also a free-standing scanner in the Art Library.  It’s user friendly, book friendly and it’s free.  You can scan in color or black and white and specify pdf, searchable pdf, TIFF.  Scans can be saved on a USB/flash drive or sent to email, Google Drive, DropBox, a smart phone or the printer.