The B.A./M.A. Program illustrates Wesleyan’s strong commitment to learning science by doing research.  Students majoring in science can obtain a Bachelor’s degree in four years followed by a Master’s degree at the end of a tuition-free fifth year.  This program is particularly appropriate for students who wish to:

  • Strengthen understanding of a field of interest before continuing to a Ph.D. program.  A year of close personal mentoring and laboratory group experience is valuable as preparation for a rigorous Ph.D. program.
  • Pursue industrial science.  A Master’s degree allows students to establish a strong position upon entrance into industrial science.  In terms of salary, employees with the Master’s degree earn approximately $10,000 or more per year over those possessing the Bachelor’s degree.           
  • Enter the field of education.  Teaching qualifications are enhanced tremendously by completing the program.  The M.A., plus a year of experience engaged in collaborative research with a faculty member, opens up a range of possibilities from teaching science to holding administrative positions in science education.
  • Strengthen preparation for medical school through an additional year of research and coursework, while taking advantage of Wesleyan’s strong premedical advising program.


Students may declare their interest in the program as early as their sophomore year.  Formal application and admission into the program can occur in the junior or senior year.  Admission is based on faculty sponsorship and a comprehensive evaluation of academic performance.

Applications should include a research proposal and copy of the student's official transcript.  These materials along with three letters of recommendation must be submitted to the departmental or program chair by the deadlines listed below.  Note: approval by the MBB department is only a preliminary step and does not constitute acceptance into the program.

Timeline for application to the BA/MA program

December 1 - Seniors applications due to department

January 12 - Seniors departmental endorsements due to Office of Graduate Studies

January 31 - Notification of approval from Director of Graduate Studies

March 1 - Juniors applications due to department

March 21 - Juniors departmental endorsements due to Office of Graduate Studies

April 7 - Notification of approval from Director of Graduate Studies

For additional information, visit the Graduate Studies Office BA/MA program website here.