Independent laboratory research is strongly encouraged as it provides students with an exceptionally valuable learning experience.  As research students, MB&B majors interact with faculty and graduate students in an environment that fosters strong intellectual and social connections.  Moreover, many graduate and professional schools specifically recruit candidates with research experience.  MB&B majors not interested in laboratory research can get a measure of this experience through participation in departmental and inter-departmental seminar series and journal clubs.

Faculty research interests cover an exciting range of current topics in molecular and cellular biology and biochemistry.  Research areas include DNA replication and repair mechanisms, membrane transport processes, DNA-protein interactions, gene regulation, genome organization and structure, membrane protein structure-function and dynamics.  Students are encouraged to learn more about ongoing research in the MB&B department.

We also recommend the course MB&B 209: Research Frontiers in Molecular Biology (0.5 credit; Cr/U), which is taught every spring.  This course provides students opportunities to discuss research with current MB&B majors and graduate students.

Students interested in research can pursue the following options: