Study Abroad

Like all Wesleyan students, MB&B majors often choose to study abroad for a semester or more.  In the past few years, MB&B majors have visited Australia, Chile, Denmark, South Africa, England, France, Tanzania, and Germany, among other countries.  During their semester abroad, MB&B majors may choose to take courses that satisfy their major or general education requirements, and may also arrange to do research at the host institution.  Decisions about whether courses taken abroad can count for credit towards the MB&B major are made the department on a case-by-case basis.  Students must have the appropriate “course approval” form signed before departure by the Chair of the MB&B department, and be sure to inform the Chair if they make changes to their schedule on arrival at their host institution.


Students considering a study abroad experience should begin planning for it at an early stage in the major.  The planning process should include consultation with their MB&B faculty advisor and research advisor.  Detailed information about the Wesleyan Study Abroad Program can be found at the Office of Study Abroad.