FALL 2018 Seminar Series

All Seminars are Thursdays, at Noon, in 121 Exley Science Center unless otherwise noted.


September 13+

Michael Long, New York University
Neural mechanisms of vocal communication
Host: Aaron

September 20+

Jamie Maguire, Tufts University School of Medicine
Stress and Epilepsy: A Vicious Cycle
Host: Naegele

September 27^

18th Annual Biophysics Retreat

October 4*


October 11+

Luke Remage-Healey, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Neuromodulators and timing precision in the songbird auditory cortex
Host: Kirn

October 18* 

Student Meeting

October 25+


November 1*

Jennifer Benanti, University of Massachusetts
Mapping the Cell Cycle Regulatory Network
Host: Holmes

November 8+

Valerie Horsley, Yale University
Digging deep: stromal cells in tissue repair and regeneration
Host: Biology PhD Program

November 29+

Cathy Collins, Bard College
Fragments, fungi, and feedbacks: the fate of seeds in fragmented world
Host: Singer

December 6*

Orna Cohen-Fix, National Institute of Health
How do parental genomes mix after fertilization? Lessons form C. elegans embryos
Host: MacQueen


+Hosted by the Department of Biology
*Hosted by the Department of MB&B
^Hosted by the Biophysics Program