Mellon Fields

After careful research, the Mellon Foundation initially decided to focus its efforts on fields in which it judged the underrepresentation of faculty of color to be most acute. Applicants should be majoring in those disciplines, or preparing to study them in graduate school. The current list of Mellon-designated fields is as follows (in alphabetical order):

To be eligible for selection as an MMUF fellow, students must be planning to study in one or more of the below fields:

Anthropology and Archaeology

Area/Cultural/Ethnic/Gender Studies

Art History


Geography and Population Studies


Film, Cinema and Media Studies (theoretical focus)

Musicology, Ethnomusicology and Music Theory

Foreign Languages and Literatures




Performance Studies (theoretical focus)

Philosophy and Political Theory

Religion and Theology


Theater (theoretical focus)

Interdisciplinary Studies: Interdisciplinary areas of study may be eligible if they have one or more eligible fields at their core, but must be approved by the MMUF staff at the Mellon Foundation on a case-by-case basis. Please note that interdisciplinary education graduate programs, even those that incorporate one or more eligible fields, are not eligible for MMUF graduate benefits.

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