Students are expected to complete core courses of their home department unless grated a waiver by their committee and approved by the home department. Molecular Biophysics Program expectations are a) Molecular Biophysics or the equivalent, b) Structural Biology Laboratory or the equivalent c) regular participation in the Molecular Biophysics Journal Club, and  c) at least two credits of elective advance courses offered by the program faculty. In addition, students are expected to either have appropriate general background in Biology, Chemistry, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, and Physics. If necessary, in consultation with their graduate committee, students may take additional courses which fill in any gaps. 

Journal Club, Seminars, Etc.

CHEM/MB&B/PHYS 508/518 | Molecular Biophysics Journal Club

CHEM 520 | Scientific Research Ethics

CHEM/PHYS 547/587 | Seminar in Chemical Physics

CHEM 557 | Seminar in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

CHEM/MB&B 587 | Seminar in Biological Chemistry