photo of Roderick Coffey

Roderick Coffey

Department: Chemistry

Year of Study:  5

 Mentor: Brian Northrop

Source of Support: Wesleyan University Stipend

Education: MA (Organic Chemistry) 2009,  St. Joseph College; BA (Chemistry) 2008, Central Connecticut State University
Teaching Experience: Graduate Teaching Assistant (Chemistry)
Prior Research Experience: Research Chemist, Henkel Corporation Research Group (Anaerobic and Radiation Cure Technology Platform)
Current Research: Synthetic routes to mechanically interlocked polymers and biopolymers.
Publications: Northrop, B. H.; Coffey, R. N. (2012) “Thiol-Ene Click Chemistry: Computational and Kinetic Analysis of the Influence of Alkene Functionality.” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 134, 13804-13817. PMC Pending PMID: 22853003