Small&Large Ensembles

Wesleyan New Music Ensemble

This ensemble class offers a unique opportunity for graduate and undergraduate performers and composers to explore and perform various acoustic, electronic, and electroacoustic works composed by various composers of experimental and new music in America and Europe after 1950. Additionally, composers who are enrolled in the course may be asked to compose pieces that are specifically designed for any number of the ensemble participants. Through extensive ensemble rehearsals and individually scheduled rehearsal labs that will culminate in a performance (or multiple performances), students will develop a deep understanding and appreciation of contemporary music performance techniques and collaborative processes. It is expected that students will gain skills that pertain to the reading of scores, the execution of complex rhythmic and melodic passages, and extended instrumental performance techniques. Advanced Western musical literacy is required in order to succeed in this course. All instrumentalists (including the human voice) are encouraged to participate.

MUSC 459-460 Auditions- Attend the first class

Monday, September 2, 2019
1:20 p.m.
RHH 001