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Roth on Wesleyan
Young People Resisting Fascism (in France)

This past weekend the Wall Street Journal published my review of Amherst College professor Ronald Rosbottom's new book on young people in the French Resistance. My work in graduate school and for the first 15 years or so of my academic career was in modern French history. It was a pleasure to return to those topics...

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Michael S. Roth '78

Wesleyan Magazine

Data in the Liberal Arts
Our spring issue of the magazine examines the critical underpinning of quantitative studies at Wes: Numbers are rarely an end unto themselves. Instead, they should act as springboards, can be prone to bias, and are best considered an answer rather than the answer.

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Issue 1

Wes in the News

  • The New York Times
    The World's Smartest Chimp Has Died
    William Griffin Professor of Philosophy Lori Gruen writes in this op-ed about the legacy of "the world's smartest chimp," Sarah, who recently died in her 50s after a long career working with researchers.
  • Hartford Courant
    At Wesleyan's Girls in Science Camp, Women Are the Scientists of the Future
    The annual week-long Girls in Science Camp, led by female faculty members in the sciences with assistance from undergraduates and local high school students, gives young girls an opportunity to learn about female scientists, participate in hands-on learning activities, and tour Wesleyan's scientific facilities.
  • The Washington Post
    Scott Gottlieb: The CBD Craze is Getting Out of Hand. The FDA Needs to Act.
    Scott Gottlieb '94, now a resident at the American Enterprise Institute, formerly served as the Food and Drug Administration commissioner. In this op-ed, he notes the proliferation of cannabidiol (CBD), often marketed illegally, and expresses concern about whether it is safe to consume.
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