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Wesleyan Astronomy Prof Getting First Glimpse at Webb Telescope Data

Seth Redfield, professor of astronomy, will present findings over the next several months from NASA’s early release of data from the James Webb Space Telescope in the journal Nature.

July 21, 2022

Wes in the News

The New Yorker

A documentary series directed by Matt Tyrnauer ‘91 examines the behind-the-scenes story of Victoria’s Secret. “Fantasy is more real than reality to Americans, generation after generation,” Tyrnauer told the New Yorker. “For me, that’s a constant theme.”

The TED Radio Hour

TED science curator David Biello ‘95 presented a TED Radio Hour piece about the search for extraterrestrial life, uncovering how it may look and how we’ll know we’ve found it. "Why aren't the aliens here? Why haven't we seen them? With so many worlds out there and the seeming simplicity of life to develop, why haven't the aliens already visited us?" Biello said. 

Leading the Charge: 50 Years after Title IX

Four generations of Wesleyan women athletes look back on the advent of federally mandated gender equity in education.

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