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Alumni Reflect on Transformative Wesleyan Experience During Reunion

Many of the alumni who flocked to Middletown for Reunion + Commencement Weekend 2024, May 23 to 26, said their time at Wesleyan was transformative. This year, the classes of the ’4s and ’9s returned to campus to meet friends old and new.

June 5, 2024

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The Atlantic

Degrowth communism, an ideal crafted by philosopher and regular commentator on Japanese television Kohei Saito ’09 and explored in his book “Slow Down: The Degrowth Manifesto,” calls for wealthy nations to cut back on consumption and reduce growth to try to address the climate crisis. Saito and his book were featured in pieces for The Atlantic and Foreign Policy in recent weeks.

The New Yorker

Merve Emre, Shapiro-Silverberg professor of creative writing and criticism and director of the Shapiro Center for Creative Writing and Criticism, reviewed Sigmund Freud’s “An Autobiographical Study” for The New Yorker alongside many of the other biographies of the famed philosopher. “Militantly impersonal in his style, Freud narrates his life through a series of lucid and economic summaries of the ideas that defined his career,” Emre wrote.

In Defense of Democracy

Ian Bassin '98 is the most recent Wes alumnus to be awarded a MacArthur Fellowship for his work at the nonpartisan nonprofit Protect Democracy. Learn how he uses legal strategies such as litigation, legislative work, and research and analysis to hold government officials accountable, push back on disinformation, and safeguard elections.

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