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New Research Questions Efficacy of Some Antibiotics

By questioning previously accepted scientific dogma Erika A. Taylor, associate professor of chemistry, has launched new research into the performance of common prescribed antibiotics, seeking a way for them to become more effective. 

September 28, 2022


COVID-19 Policy Updates for Fall Semester

Throughout the semester, please continue to review Keep Wes Safe for our latest COVID-19 policies and protocols.

Wes in the News

Boston Globe

President Michael S. Roth '78 published a piece in the September 26 Boston Globe urging educators at all levels to speak out to defend democracy. "We in higher education must energetically cultivate democratic values — including freedom of expression, rights to representation, and the protection of the vulnerable — at home on our campuses," Roth wrote.

This American Life

Amy Bloom, '75 Shapiro-Silverberg Professor of Creative Writing, was featured on This American Life September 16. This episode, entitled “Ends of the Earth,” tells the story of the caregiving role she took on at the end of her husband’s life, the subject of her next book "In Love."

Reclaiming the Stoke

With nonprofit Surfing Moms, Amelia Rachel Hokule‘a Borofsky ’99 looks to the ocean for inspiration in rethinking motherhood, mental health, and building postpartum communities of care.

Wesleyan Moments

Noah King '25 and Daniel Glickman '25, members of Goatherd, warm up on the patio of Alpha Delta Phi

Noah King '25 and Daniel Glickman '25, members of Goatherd, warm up on the patio of Alpha Delta Phi

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