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Wesleyan Media Project Publishes New Study on 2022 Midterm Advertising

Political campaigns are still spending on television advertising in droves, even as broadcast and cable viewership has declined, according to the Wesleyan Media Project’s latest reports. Democratic candidates tend to spend more on digital advertising than Republican candidates, the report said.


March 22, 2023

Wes in the News

Times Higher Education

Times Higher Education interviewed President Michael S. Roth ’78 for a piece on handling conflict and protest on a college campus in its “Talking Leadership” series. Roth touched on past protests on campus and the importance of free discussion and multiple viewpoints in a college setting.

Lundbeck Foundation

Neuroscientist Michael Greenberg ’76 was one of three winners of the Lundbeck Foundation’s The Brain Prize 2023, one of the most prestigious neuroscience awards, for his research into brain plasticity.

The Disengineering Society

Disposable vapes turned into microphones, an old guitar cable fixed and re-used, an analog synthesizer made from scratch—Wesleyan's student Disengineering Society is giving new life to old electronic components, turning eWaste into beautiful music.

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