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Focusing on the past, present, and future of film studies at Wesleyan, this issue showcases Jeanine Basinger’s 60 years of foundational and groundbreaking work, the alumni starring in and outside of the industry, and exciting new additions to what the Hollywood Reporter named one of the best film programs in the country.

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Issue 2

Wes in the News

  • The Washington Post
    How the NRA Highjacked History
    Associate Professor of History Jennifer Tucker writes about the history of the legal debate over the Second Amendment, and explains how the court's understanding of that history may shape the nation's response to the current gun violence epidemic.
  • CNN
    Free Speech Wars Miss the Point of College
    In this op-ed, President Michael S. Roth argues against the "free market approach to speech" on college campuses, which he says is misleading, and causes real harm to people while also failing to ensure an airing of diverse viewpoints.
  • WFSB
    Recent Wesleyan Graduate Claims Victory in Middletown Democratic Primary
    Twenty-seven year old Ben Florsheim '14 won the Democratic primary vote for Middletown's next mayor, beating out three opponents.
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