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Roth on Wesleyan
Resist Governmental Attempts to Undermine Anti-Racism

During a pandemic, schools, colleges and universities need all the help they can get to protect the most vulnerable members of their communities – especially people of color who are disproportionately affected by this crisis. Instead of helping educational institutions fulfill their obligations to their students and the nation, the DOE engages in cynical attacks on those aiming to strengthen their communities.

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Michael S. Roth '78

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Wesleyan Magazine

Civic Engagement
Against the backdrop of a global pandemic and rising political and racial tension in the United States, a look at the many Wesleyans working tirelessly to protect public values and implement positive change through civic engagement.

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Issue 2

Wes in the News

  • The New York Times
    Colleges, Conservatives and the Kakistocracy
    "In higher education, there is no contradiction between standing up to the fascist tendencies of racist authoritarianism and working for greater intellectual diversity," President Michael S. Roth '78 writes in this op-ed. "In both cases, we are defending the opportunity to learn through inquiry and discussion."
  • Inside Higher Ed
    Lawn Games, Anyone?
    Dean Mike Whaley shares how Wesleyan is providing opportunities for students to safely socialize during COVID.
  • Delaware Online
    Your Local Private School Isn't Doing Enough With Its Resources. Here's Why.
    In this op-ed, Annie Roach '22 makes the case for private schools to have a positive impact on their surrounding communities by lending their resources to worthy "wrap around" programs.
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