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Here at OCS, students have the chance to both participate in and coordinate our programs. Student coordinators share a diverse set of interests when it comes to volunteering and are extremely dedicated to leading their programs. Read the perspectives of some of the 2012-2013 student coordinators below and see just few of the reasons why students choose to devote their time to the greater community.

“In the Spring of 2012 a group of students from a high school where ASHA teaches organized themselves and spoke at a school board meeting in support of our program, explaining how important ASHA's workshops have been to them and their peers. It is exactly this type of youth empowerment that ASHA strives to inspire in all of our students."
Susanna Schneider Banks '13
AIDS and Sexual Health Awareness (ASHA)
Government and Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies Majors

"I was never more proud of our program than the first couple of weeks last year. Meeting the numerous passionate students who sacrificed their own free time and study time to come to our Tuesday night meetings helped reinforce my own passion for our cause. As we all sat there, listening to Kennedy Odede speak about his home and the girls at the school in Kibera, I was reminded of how powerful hope is, and how empowering it is to help give hope. As an organization, we don't just fund a school, we fund a movement of young and accomplished women. A movement of young women who will one day change the world around them. A movement of young women who are already drastically transforming the dynamics of their community. Educating young girls really does revolutionize societies. Never have I felt more confident in this, than at our weekly meetings as students discuss ways to fundraise and raise awareness for these young girls miles and miles away from us."
Maeve Russell '14
Shining Hope for Communities
Government and Environmental Studies Majors 

"My personal proudest moment has been being able to be a part of this program since my freshman year and now having the opportunity to coordinate it and passionately work towards its improvement. We have recently partnered with the Literacy Volunteers of Middletown and hope to continue using them as resources to provide our tutors and students with useful materials to teach and assess the growing levels of our custodial staff. I look forward to being able to facilitate the important relationships that form through our program to continue bridging the gap between the staff and our student body!"
--Kaya Ceci '13
Psychology and Latin American Studies Majors

"My mentee asked me 'if I could not go away in the summer and stay.' It was just really heartwarming and it felt great to know that I had established such a strong relationship with my mentee."
--Kenny On
North End Action Team (NEAT)
Sociology Major