2018 New Faculty Orientation

Office of Faculty Career Development (OFCD)

A list of services offered to faculty - workshops, resources, and more!

Center for Pedagogical Innovation (CPI)

The CPI is dedicated to the inspiration, development, and dissemination of new teaching strategies and ideas.

Inclusive Wes

Debbie Colucci's power point presentation, Unpacking, Understanding and Responding: Implicit Bias in the Classroom.

Project-based: Assignments / Courses / Curriculum

Jesse Torgerson's power point presentation on project-based learning with links to examples of actual outcomes from his own course.    Syllabus COL 128;    COL 128 Constantinople Pins Guide;   Grading Rubric - Pins

Generation Z

Louise Brown's recommended short article, Generation Z: Educating and Engaging the Next Generation of Students, with helpful insights into the social context, learning preferences, and aspirations of our current study body.

The Mindset List: Class of 2022

Campus Resource List for Students

List of campus resources for students compiled by Jennifer D'Andrea.  A guide for students and faculty offering help to students struggling with personal issues.

Student Academic Resources (SAR)

Academic Resources for all students on campus. There are three specific programs within SAR: Peer Advising, Peer Tutoring and Accessibility Services.

Queer Wes

 List of resources and upcoming events.