Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ISO?

    International Student Orientation is known affectionately by its past participants as ISO. As the name suggests, it is organized to help international students acclimate to a new environment, and often, a new country with a foreign culture. They get a chance to meet, interact and form strong bonds with about 70 other students, before the rest of the incoming students arrive on campus.

  • If I attend International Student Orientation, do I still need to attend New Student Orientation(NSO)? What do ISO participants do during New Student Orientation?
    It is very important that ISO participants are actively involved in NSO, the overall New Student Orientation program, as ISO does not duplicate NSO activities. While some activities such as I-9 completion will be done at both ISO and NSO, it is only because most international students require more personal attention when completing these forms. For the most part, ISO and NSO are entirely different things, with ISO serving as a transition for international students to NSO.We recommend that you treat ISO as a warm-up to NSO! Making friends and getting to know Wesleyan with 70 other students is a good way to practice making friends and getting to know Wesleyan with 700 other students!
  • What kinds of activities are planned? What can I look forward to?
    The program differs from year to year. However, the usual basic elements of ISO are logistical activities like shopping trips (for you to set up your rooms), social times (when you can hang out and get to know your new friends), meeting of faculty and staff, and excellent question & answer sessions with upperclass-students who are interested in your well-being.Whether it is a formal activity or an informal gathering, we encourage you to use these opportunities to get to know your fellow classmates, to spend time with them, to form the foundations of deep friendships. These are people you’ll see walking around campus in your next few years! If you come with an open mind and a willingness to meet others, ISO can become one of the fondest memories of your first year.
  • Do I have to pay for ISO?
    There is no cost for attending ISO. ISO is provided to you because Wesleyan is heavily invested in your well-being. The university wants to make sure that  international students are well-served and will be more than ready to actively take part in the New Student Orientation (which occurs after ISO) and in campus life.