International Resource Team

The International Resource Team (IRT) is a cross-functional work-team responsible for identifying undergraduate international student issues, and streamlining support by sharing information and collaborating through the stages of a student’s lifecycle at Wesleyan. Each member of the team acts as a liaison from their office and department. Members will contribute to the conversation and initiatives based on their professional position and background, and relate pertinent information back to their respective offices to support the planning and implementation of initiatives aimed at supporting the undergraduate international community.

The IRT aims to support students in a holistic manner, with a direct focus on international students in a broad sense of the term. The IRT works to address relevant international student issues, to collaborate in ways that will enhance the international community, and to give students clear, correct, and informed knowledge. This resource team will address issues in the international community that pertain to students, their families, and the campus community – recognizing the intricate relationships that international students form beyond campus.

The goals of the IRT are:

  • To assess current programming and services for international students and enhance/create programming and services where necessary.
  • To develop effective outreach channels to connect undergraduate international students to available resources and support.
  • To maintain communications with member offices regarding programming and services for international students.
  • To interact with undergraduate international students through the International Student Advisory Board (ISAB).