ISAB Members - AY 2020-2021

  • Robyn Wong Min Xuan (she/her/hers)

    Co-Chair, Class of 2023 - CSS


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    Languages Spoken: Mandarin, English

    Come Ask Me About: Ask me everything about philosophy and math! I'm really passionate to discuss with you guys! 

    Bio: In her freshman year, Robyn took the chance to explore her many interests. She has decided to major in the College of Social Studies, but has also taken courses from many fields, including language, performing arts, entrepreneurship, data, religion, and more. Outside the classroom, she enjoys practicing yoga, making theatre and sustainable crafts, and exploring nature. Above all, she loves finding and forming community. Her favorite memories at Wes have involved basking in the sun or frolicking in the snow, sometimes with music and food, but always with friends!

  • Adele Zhou (she/her/hers)

    Co-Chair, Class of 2021 - Art History and Anthropology

    China (Beijing)

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    Languages Spoken: Chinese, English, Learning Japanese and German

    Come Ask Me About: Anything! Could be about Wesleyan, my majors, chocolate, classical music, anime/manga, all kinds of exhibitions, the warmest study spot in Olin, or even Usdan food that I like best.

    Bio: Adele is a senior majoring in Art History and Anthropology. If you directly translate her Chinese name, her last name should’ve been Zhouwang, which will include both of her parents’ last names. She was raised in Beijing but she has also studied in Vancouver and Maryland. She is always down for a conversation accompanied by a (cinnamon-free) drink. Adele hopes to build a more supportive environment for international students at Wes before she graduates.

  • Meiwen Chen (she/her/hers)

    Class of 2021 - Economics; Data Analysis Minor

    China (Tianjin)

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    Languages Spoken: English, Chinese

    Come Ask Me About: Creative writing at Wes as an international student! Where to get good food both on and off campus! 

    Bio: Meiwen is a senior majoring in Economics and minoring in Data Analysis. She has lived in both China and the U.S. Having experienced the struggle of adapting between different countries and cultures, Meiwen is dedicated to making the international student experience at Wes as great as possible for everyone. Outside of school, she enjoys cooking, writing, and playing video games.

  • Shakeel Jessa (he/him/his)

    Class of 2021 - Government and Psychology

    Canada (Vancouver)

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    Languages Spoken: English

    Come Ask Me About: Anything at all!!

    Bio: Shakeel is a senior Government and Psychology double major. He is from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. As a Psychology major, he is planning on going on to higher education after college. You can find him meandering about campus looking for food. As an international, he has faced a lot of obstacles at Wesleyan and wants to make sure these are broken down for other students before his time at Wesleyan is over.

  • Rachel Liu (she/her/hers)

    Class of 2022 - Computer Science and Mathematics; Data Analysis Minor

    China (Jinan)

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    Languages Spoken: Chinese, English, (very basic) French, Japanese

    Come Ask Me About: Even though I may not be an expert in many fields, please feel free to reach out to me about anything. I would love to help anyone out with their own experience, or let's find out answers and solutions together!

    Bio: Rachel’s Chinese name is Xiner, which carries her parents’ wishes for her to stay young forever, but she always wants to grow up fast. At school, she majors in Computer Science and Economics and minors in Data Analysis. Her academic interests include machine learning and data processing. Outside of school, she works for TEDxWesleyanU as a core team member and enjoys learning/practicing new languages. Being the international advisor at Rutgers and the class leader in high school, she has communicated with many international students and learned many challenges to international students. By joining ISAB, she is looking forward to establishing and nurturing a welcoming environment for everyone and to optimize international students’ experiences on campus.

  • Candice Shi (she/her/hers)

    Class of 2021/2022 - Biology; Informatics & Modelling Minor

    Canada (Vancouver) and China (Beijing)

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    Languages Spoken: English and Mandarin

    Come Ask Me About: Restaurant and hiking recommendations and navigating through the sciences as an international student at Wes and beyond 

    Bio: Candice Shi is a senior studying biology and informatics. Her academic interests revolve around genetics and the intersection between social factors and health. Outside of class, she coordinates the East Asian Outreach club and she is always on the hunt for the next best noodle shop or seal video. Candice grew up in both China and Canada and considers both places her home. Candice wants to ensure that all international students know where to find assistance if needed. She also is looking forward to sharing her experiences, especially about studying science in the U.S. and navigating through graduate school applications.  

  • Dennis (Chenye) Sun (he/him/his)

    Class of 2022 - Philosophy and Mathematics

    China (Harbin)

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    Languages Spoken: Mandarin, English

    Come Ask Me About: Ask me everything about philosophy and math! I’m really passionate to discuss with you guys! 

    Bio: As a math and philosophy major, Dennis is interested in working in finance related industry. However, academically, he is passionate about philosophy of science and is curious about the interconnected relationship between science, history, economy, and politics, etc. You can find him studying at Olin with a cup of Doubleshot on ice next to him. He respects people from different backgrounds and loves learning about how people’s backgrounds shape their ideas and personal philosophies. 

  • Marcel Thompson (he/him/his)

    Class of 2022 - Government; Film and Middle Eastern Studies Minors

    France (Paris), United States

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    Languages Spoken: French, English

    Come Ask Me About: Come ask me about anything you want! I am also always happy to talk about Wesleyan, what I study, what others study, campus life in general, and things that I love, such as cinema, soccer, basketball, politics, history, and music among other things.

    Bio: Marcel is a junior and an international student from Paris, France. At Wesleyan, he will be graduating in Government with a concentration in International Politics, and with a Film minor and a Middle Eastern Studies minor. Aside from the International Student Advisory Board, on campus Marcel works as a monitor at the Zilkha Art Gallery, as a member of the Wesleyan Film Board, and as the co-editor in chief of the Arcadia Political Review.

  • Vanshika Virmani (she/her/hers)

    Class of 2021 - Economics and Psychology; Data Analysis Minor

    Indonesia (Jakarta), India (Delhi)

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    Languages Spoken: English, Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia

    Come Ask Me About: Anything at all! Feel free to reach out to me, I’d love to have a conversation with you!

    Bio: Vanshika is a final-year undergraduate student majoring in Economics and Psychology with a minor in Data Analysis. Outside of the International Student Advisory Board, she finds herself spending a lot of time organizing student activism as a Spirituality & Sustainability Intern at the Resource Center. Some of her hobbies include photography, scuba diving, playing badminton, and sampling new coffee beans for her morning pick-me-up. As with most international students, Vanshika faced several hurdles– both physical and mental– when first transitioning to higher education in the United States. She wants to ensure that the international students' journeys at Wesleyan are as seamless as possible.

  • Tim White (he/him/his)

    Class of 2023 - Film; Urban Studies Certificate

    Russia, United States

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    Languages Spoken: Russian and English

    Come Ask Me About: The Russian and Post-Soviet community on campus, the film major, meditation, and music on campus.

    Bio: Tim is a film major. He is interested in how art can connect people and cultures. Outside of class, he is a member of the music scene on campus, be it playing shows or helping people record music at Red Feather Studios. He is fascinated by the various experiences that international students have had and wants to help create a flourishing community for such a diverse group of people. You can find him avoiding his work at SciLi, or diligently doing it at Olin, drinking coffee at Espwesso, or hanging posters for another event. 

  • Yunxuan (Wendy) Wu (she/her/hers)

    Class of 2023 - CSS

    China (Beijing)

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    Languages Spoken: Mandarin, English, Japanese (conversational)

    Come Ask Me About: College of Social Studies, Joining an a capella/performance group on campus, Usdan breakfast, The amazingness of the 3rd floor of Olin

    Bio: Wendy is a sophomore majoring in the College of Social Studies. She was born and raised in Beijing, China. Prior to coming to Wesleyan, she has not studied in the U.S., so she’d be happy to help anyone with transitioning to studying at Wes. You can always find her at Usdan during the breakfast time, and if you want a stroll buddy or a coffee buddy, she’d be the person to go to.