2020 Orientation Leaders

  • Aashni

    Hi! My name is Aashni and I am from Mumbai, India. I am a Junior at Wesleyan and a Biology and Environmental Science major. I am part of the Wesleyan WesWIS committee, the Wesleyan Women's Club Soccer team, and the South Asian group Shakti. Some of my hobbies include scuba diving, playing squash and soccer, and watching anything Disney. I have loved these past two years at Wesleyan, have made amazing friends and have taken some wonderful classes. I hope it is the same for all the incoming students and I can’t wait to get to know you.
  • Abbi

    Hello lovely new students! My name is Abbi (she/her) and I'm a sophomore from Alexandria, VA. Though my first year was cut short :(( I still was very involved in the Wes community and made the most of my time here! I'm a WestCo president, on the staff of The Ankh, a literary/art zine, member of the Workshop (Film Dept.), an Eclectic member, Burlesque dancer, member of Womxn of Color Collective, etc. I'm a prospective Film major & will happily talk about my experiences and how to get involved (senior theses!!!) In my free time, I write short stories/poetry, play piano and sing, and learn and collaborate with the amazing, uber-talented members of the Wesleyan community. <3
  • Alex

    Hey there! My name is Alex, and I’m a rising sophomore from the Washington, D.C. Area (known locally as the DMV). I’m interested in declaring my major in Government with a concentration in either Comparative or International Politics. I’m also interested in French and Psychology. Aside from academics, I’m a distance swimmer on the swim team and a former Red and Black Student Ambassador. I really enjoy watching films, travelling, learning new languages, photography, and of course, taking naps. I am so excited to be a part of orientation and cannot wait to meet everyone!

  • Alice

    Hi! My name is Alice Swan '21 and I am from Springfield, MA. I double-major in Government (Comparative Politics) and East Asian Studies (Political Economy), and I minor in African American Studies. I am a first-generation college student and this is my second year as an Orientation Leader. Throughout the school year, I am involved in a few activities: Ujamaa (Black Student Union), X-Tacy (hip-hop dance collective), and Burlesque (choreographer). I also work as a classroom technician for the Instructional Media Services Office. If you're interested in learning about affinity groups at Wesleyan, work-study jobs, or the dance scene on campus, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!
  • Alison

    Hey Class of 2024! This is Alison, she/hers pronouns, and I'm a rising sophomore. Beijing has been home for me, but as cheesy as it sounds, Wes is definitely my second home now. I am also a prospective Economics and COL/Studio Arts double major, have been participating in The ANKH (Wes' POC Publication), Debate, and love ice-skating and cooking with friends during my free time. Can't wait to meet all of you and I'm so excited for y'all to start your life here! <3
  • Anna

    Hi there! My name is Anna Tjeltveit and I'm a member of the class of 2023 from Allentown, PA. I am a double major in English and German and I'm also pursuing an Education Studies minor. I am a creative writer, classical singer, and (aspiring) polyglot. You can find me on campus working at the Shapiro Writing Center, participating in theater, copyediting for the Argus, taking voice lessons, studying German/Norwegian/Arabic, or working on one of my many writing projects! I can't wait to meet all of you very soon :)
  • Anya

    Hi! My name is Anya Kisicki (she/her) and I’m a rising junior at Wesleyan. I hail from Phoenix, Arizona and I am double majoring in Government and in the College of Letters, a three-year multidisciplinary program that merges the studies of history, literature, and philosophy. I am also pursuing a minor in Film Studies.  I work as an Academic Peer Advisor as well as an office assistant at Wesleyan’s Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development to help plan student events on campus. You can also find me taking orders at the on-campus restaurant, WesWings, on Pocotopaug Lake with the Sailing Team, or in the 92 Theatre designing the lights for student-run theatre productions. Additionally, I am currently working to build a new campus group that focuses on creating space for non-cis males (womxn) interested in Film to network and hold campus-wide events.  I look forward to meeting you in the fall!
  • Ariana

    Greetings incoming students! My name is Ariana Baez and I will be an FTF and NSO Orientation this summer. I live in Bogota, NJ and am a Dominican-American student. Last year I was an NSO Orientation Intern and have worked through Student Activities and Leadership Development as a Leadership Intern. I am also the Equity and Inclusion Chair of the Wesleyan Student Assembly. If you have any questions on how to get involved at Wes please let me know! 
  • Belle

    Hey everyone! My name is Belle and I use she/her pronouns. I’m part of the class of 2022, pursuing a linked major in Environmental Studies and Government. On campus, I’m involved with track and field, stand-up comedy, and Long Lane Farm. My hometown is Arlington, Virginia, but I grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia. A fun fact about me is that last summer, I drove across the country vertically and horizontally! As a transfer student from Emory, I feel like I really found my home at Wes and cannot be more excited to welcome you all to campus <3
  • Ben

    Hey class of 2024! My name is Ben, I’m class of 2022, and I am a double major in Neuroscience & Behavior and Science in Society with a minor in the College of East Asian Studies. Outside of classes, I am a McNair fellow, I work at Pi Café and Weshop, work as a Digital Scholarship Fellow, do research in a Neuroscience lab, I am a member of POCapella, Wesleyan’s acapella group for student of color; and much more! Welcome to Wes and hope to see everyone on campus soon!
  • Ben

    Hi everyone! I’m Ben Levin, and I’m a rising sophomore and prospective Government major. I’m from Nyack, NY, about a half hour outside of Manhattan. When I’m not in class, I’m usually in the basement of PAC with Mock Trial until the late hours of the night or on the tennis courts with Club Tennis. I also love to jam in the practice rooms and hang out with friends. My go-to Pi drink is a small Salty Ivan which has truly enhanced my Wes experience. I’m so excited to meet you all! Go Wes!
  • Brittany

    Hello, my name is Brittany and I am in the class of 2021! I am from Bristol, CT and am majoring in sociology. I transferred to Wes during fall 2018 after attending a community college for three years and graduating with an A.A. in Multimedia. At Wes I’ve been involved in the WesRead/WesMath tutoring program at Middletown elementary schools, the Wesleyan Refugee Project and WeSpeaks. This past semester I went abroad to Amsterdam, and before that I was a tutor for the Wesleyan Center for Prison Education, a program that provides college courses and an associate’s degree behind prison walls. A fun fact about me is that I played the flute for almost ten years. I can’t wait to meet everyone this fall!
  • Brynn

    Hello everyone!! My name is Brynn Assignon and I am a BA/MA student here at Wesleyan from Bridgeport CT. I am really excited to meet all of you! I double majored in MB&B (Molecular Biology and Biochemistry) and French while completing the pre-med requirements when I was an undergraduate. I work in a Chemistry research lab, I love cooking and watching soapy TV shows. Congratulations on all your achievements so far and I am looking forward to meeting you all and welcoming you to campus! A fun fact about me is that I am originally from Togo, a small country in West Africa.
  • Cleo

    Hi everyone! My name is Cleo and I’m a rising sophomore. I’m super excited to meet y’all in the fall! I’m from NYC and plan on majoring in Film Studies and possibly English. Some of my favorite things to do on campus are jam with my band Cat Fight Noises, work on film projects, and cook with friends. Welcome to Wes! You’re going to have a great time here :)
  • Cris

    Hello, my name is Cris Rodriguez Rodriguez. I was born and raised in Ecuador, more specifically in a town call Sucúa which is in the Amazon region of Ecuador. I have been in the United States for five years, I went to High School in New Haven CT and I was part of track team. I am a rising sophomore and looking forward to major in chemistry. I love outdoors, and I love to play basketball, volleyball, ping pong, and soccer and some of my hobbies are painting and drawing.
  • Dennis

    Hello! I grew up in Hong Kong and I am a rising sophomore looking to major in History and Philosophy. On-Campus, I am involved with Cardinal Pictures, Wes' student filmmaking group, and several club sports including sailing, ice hockey, and badminton. Over summer, I will be working as a summer farmer on Wes' Long Lane farm. In my free time, I like to cook, look after my plants, check out new films and I'm also an avid juggler! Looking forward to meet everyone!
  • Emma

    Hello everyone! My name is Emma Pennie and I am a rising junior. I live in Old Lyme, Connecticut, so Wesleyan is close to home for me! I am an economics major with an international relations certificate. At Wesleyan, I have tried to explore new interests and take advantage of what our school has to offer. I am a member of the rugby team, volunteer for the bread salvage group, and play flute for the Wesleyan Wind Ensemble. I am so excited to be an Orientation Leader for the second time and meet you all!
  • Gillian

    Hi! My name is Gillie and I am a rising junior psychology major from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. At Wesleyan, I work in a research lab that studies human reasoning and decision making and am on the women's ultimate frisbee team. I've also worked as a lifeguard on campus for the past two years. In my free time I like to run, craft, and hang out outside. I'm so excited to get to help incoming first years find their home at Wes!
  • Griselda

    Hello! I am Griselda Solis and am from Phoenix, Arizona. I am an environmental studies and American studies double major. I am a first generation, low-income (FGLI) student and balance my academic, social, extra circular and work life! Throughout the years I have gained lots of skills that I would love to share with all my fellow FGLI firsts-years. On campus I am involved with the Resource Center and Ajúa Campos (Latinx identity group). On my free time I love to spend it outside, hiking, kayaking, biking, and swimming.
  • Helen

    Hello everyone! My name is Helen Lei, and I am a rising sophomore at Wesleyan. I am a prospective Biology and Science in Society Program double major. I’m from Lake Wales, FL, a small town in Central FL. At Wes, I work in the Office of Admission, play on the club tennis team, and work with the Outreach program. I am so excited to be an Orientation Leader and meet you all!
  • Jenny

    I am from right outside of Philly and am a diehard Wawa fan. And yes, it is a hoagie, not a sub. I am a perspective Neuroscience and Behavior major on the pre-med track, and plan to seek a certificate of Civic Engagement. At Wes, I am involved with Collective Motion, Wesleyan Science Outreach, WeShuffle, and RhoEP. My favorite class so far has been Ballet II with Professor Beamen. I strongly suggest taking a dance class during your time at Wes. Wesleyan has become my second home and I cannot wait to meet you all, and share the reasons why I love Wes.
  • Jeremy

    Hi! My name is Jeremy Kim. I am part of the Class of 2023, and I am from Wood-Ridge, NJ. I am prospective Chemistry and Spanish Double Major and plan to do the pre-med track. I am a member of the Wesleyan Swimming and Diving Team and specialize in freestyle and breaststroke. In my free time, I enjoy playing basketball, watching the NBA, movies, shows, anime, and reading. I am excited to meet the class of 2024.
  • Joanna

    Hey everyone! I'm Joanna, class of 2022, and I'm an English and Sociology double major. Also a big fan of Latin/the Classics department, though I'm not a major! Outside of classes, I love to read and write (especially poetry), direct and dramaturg plays, cook, and (very badly) do Zumba. My greatest weaknesses in life are bad puns and Usdan ice cream. I'm so excited for orientation and to meet all of you– welcome to Wes!
  • Jordan

    I am a rising senior at Wesleyan, double majoring in Government and Psychology, and minoring in Education Studies. I was an Orientation Leader in the Fall of 2018 and loved it SO much I knew I had to come back. On campus, I am a member of the women's varsity lacrosse team, the President of Wesleyan Women in Business, the President of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), and a peer mental health advocate. I went abroad to London in the fall of 2019 and studied at Queen Mary, University of London. Fun fact about me: one of my favorite foods ever is the vegan apple crisp from the Usdan Cafeteria.
  • Julia

    Hi! My name is Julia Vinhal Araujo. I am a College of Social Studies and Anthropology double major and a part of the class of 2022! I grew up in the Brazilian countryside in the state of Minas Gerais, but went to high school on Long Island, New York, where I continue to live. On campus, I am a part of Ajúa Campos and the Women of Color Collective (WoCoCo). I am really looking forward to the new school year :)

  • Kathryn

    Hi everyone! My name is Kathryn and I will be a Junior in the fall (class of 2022). I’m a History major with a minor in African American Studies. I’m from Evanston Illinois, just outside of Chicago (go Cubs!). At school I am on the mock trial team, I’m a student senator, and I’m on the student board of the office for survivor advocacy and community education. Some of my favorite things about Wes are all the amazing and enlightening professors, going walking or running in the woods by the farm, seeing the energy of campus when the weather is nice, and of course Olin Library. I can’t wait to meet you all!
  • Keli

    Hi, I'm Keli Jiang. I'm a Sociology and Psychology double major with a minor in Data Analysis (let's see if I could graduate on time...). Besides course work, I'm passionate in exploring new restaurants and cooking with friends. This is my second year being an orientation leader, and I'm so excited to meet you all!
  • Kiran

    Hey y’all! My name is Kiran Kowalski and I am a member of the class of 2023. I am from Atlanta, Georgia and I am a prospective Biology and College of Letters major. Outside of academics, I am a Butterflier for the swim team and I’m also active in Shakti, the South Asian affinity group, as well as the Wesleyan Democratic Socialists. I can’t wait to meet everyone in the Fall!!
  • Maggie

    Hello, my name is Maggie and I'm a member of the class of 2023! I'm from the Boston area but currently live in New Castle, NH. I'm hoping to declare a double major in American Studies and Government this year, and on campus I'm an Associate Editor for Arcadia, a clinic escort, a member of the fundraising team for the Wesleyan Refugee Project, and I'm involved in dance. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you!
  • Mahey

    I'm Mahey Gheis, and I'm a rising Junior! Some of my favorite things to do on campus are playing on the club soccer team, performing with my sketch comedy group, and hanging out with the Middle-Eastern Student Union. My majors are Sociology and Government, and I'm minoring in Film. My favorite shows are at the moment are New Girl and Sex Education. Feel free to ask me anything you'd like about Wes.
  • Marcel

    Hi! My name is Marcel Thompson and I use he/him pronouns. I am an international student from Paris, France, where I have lived my whole life before moving to Middletown two years ago. At Wesleyan, I am studying Government, Film and Arabic and therefore declared a Government Major, a Film Minor, and a Middle Eastern Studies Certificate. On campus, I have been working as a monitor at the Zhilka Gallery, the campus’ Art Gallery and have also been involved as a staff writer and column leader for the Arcadia Political Review, as a member on the International Students Advisory Board, and as a member of the Wesleyan Film Board.

  • Marcus

    Hey all you cool cats and kittens! My name is Marcus and I'm a rising sophomore. I'm a prospective REES and Psychology double major, but now that the College of Education Studies is official, I may be working to integrate this into my academic career as well. I was born in Selangor, Malaysia but mostly grew up in Shanghai, China. My hobbies include scuba diving and rock climbing, although one of these activities isn’t too accessible here in Middletown (take your guess). Like most people, I enjoy listening to music. My favourite song is “Here Kitty Kitty” by Joe Exotic.
  • Maren

    Hello! My name is Maren Westgard and I am a rising junior here at Wesleyan. I am a Psychology and Dance major as well as an Education Studies minor. Aside from academics, I am a hub coordinator for Sunrise Movement Middletown, a climate action group, I love performing in Second Stage productions, and I am always ready to jam in the music studios. I also work as a Presentation Studio mentor and as a tour guide. I am from New Haven, Connecticut. For a fun fact, my favorite color is yellow! See you all this fall!
  • Maria

    Hey, class of 2024! My name is Maria Tan and I go by she/her pronouns. I’m an international student from Suzhou, China, and I’m a class of 2022 double majoring in Economics and History. Aside from academics, I’m also a Peer Health Advocate at WesWell, film producer at Cardinal Pictures, and a member of PANGEA: Wesleyan International Student Organization and Wesleyan Consulting Club. You can also find me at multiple film sets and theater productions too! I can't wait to meet all of you! Welcome to Wes!
  • Meiwen

    Hi I'm Meiwen. I'm a junior majoring in Economics and minoring in Data Analysis. I was born in Tianjin, China, moved to Illinois during childhood, then moved back to Tianjin. I have played the piano accordion for ten years. I love food (especially hotpot), traveling, reading and writing fiction. I am committed to helping Wesleyan international students adjust to living in the US and to find their second home here on campus.
  • Michelle

    My name is Michelle Lei and I am a rising Junior at Wesleyan. I am a Psychology and Neuroscience double major with a minor in Data Analysis. Home for me is Lake Wales, Florida, also known as the state that gave you all the notorious Florida Man. On campus, I work at the Office of Admissions and the Instructional Media Services Office. I am also a part of the Wesleyan Mathematics and Science Scholars Program and I am in the Alpha Delta Phi Co-Educational Literary Society. On the weekends, I like to play tennis with my friends on the Club Tennis team, watch performances on campus, or explore Main Street. I can’t wait to see you all this Fall! Go Wes!
  • Monique

    Hey everyone! I’m Mo Gautreaux (‘23, she/her), and I can’t wait to meet you! I’m from rural northeast Georgia, and I’m a prospective Theater Major with a Civic Engagement Certificate. If you have any questions about theater, acapella, greek life, or Questbridge, I may be able to answer them! Fun Fact About Me: I joined a band during my own orientation at Wes! I also accidentally ate a bee. Orientation is weird, y’all. I’m so excited to meet you, and hopefully introduce you to the weird, wacky, wonderful place that is Wesleyan.
  • Morgan

    Hey! I’m Morgan! I’m a studio art and sociology double major from Memphis, Tennessee but I’ve also lived in New York and Atlanta. After orientation you can see me around campus giving tours or staging photo shoots for class. A rather strange fact about me is that I haven’t finished a television show since 2013. I hate it when things end so I binge watch shows until the finale and pretend they go on forever!
  • Naraa

    Hey there! My name is Naraa Altai and I’m a junior at Wes. I’m an international student from Mongolia and I’m majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Data Analysis. Last year I was the International Student Orientation (ISO) Intern and this year I’m coming back as an OL! I try to get involved in many different ways every semester. So far, I’ve tried Wes Boxing, took lessons with the Wes Equestrian Team, tutored in the Math Workshop, worked at several offices across campus, and more! If you are interested in any of the above, don’t hesitate to reach out to me! I’d love to connect with you all. Welcome to Wes!
  • Piya

    Hi everyone, my name is Piya and I am a rising junior double majoring in Neuroscience & Behavior and Science in Society (SiSP) with a minor in Civic Engagement. On campus, I am a member of Rho Epsilon Pi (Wesleyan's only womxn identifying sorority). I am also the secretary of MINDS @Wes (a mental health affiliated foundation) and a part of Shakti (the South Asian coalition on campus). I am, additionally, a student worker at Westation and have been doing research in the last semester on Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) assessment and intervention at the local Community Health Center Inc. in Middletown. I love Wesleyan and I hope, through orientation and your experience here, you will learn to love it too :)
  • Rachel

    Hi! My name is Rachel Cetron and I am Junior from Atlanta, Georgia. I can’t wait to meet all of you! I am a double major in the Science in Society Program and Psychology. I am member of the Wesleyan Swimming and Diving team and I work in the Sleep and Psychosocial Adjustment research lab on campus, I really enjoy cooking, drawing, and doing creative projects especially while at Wes. I am also a Course Assistant/ Teachers Assistant in American Sign Language (ASL). Congratulations on all your achievements and welcome to Wes!
  • Robyn

    Hello! My name is Robyn, and I’m a rising sophomore from sunny Singapore. I’m majoring in the College of Social Studies, and outside the classroom, I make theatre, teach yoga, and work with the International Student Advisory Board. I am also deeply passionate about basking in the sun and frolicking in the snow. Doing either seasonal activity to music is good. Doing both with friends? Very good. At Wes, you’ll find community in all its various shapes and forms. You’ll also find an impressive range of non-dairy beverages. I can’t wait to meet you all. Welcome to Wes! :-D
  • Sam

    Hey everyone! My name is Sam and I'm a sophomore from Needham, MA. I'm a prospective Mathematics and Computer Science double major. On campus, I'm very involved with Second Stage, the biggest student theater group, and love singing with my a cappella group, Slender James. I also work for the Wesleyan Media Project and as a theater technician in the Center for the Arts. Can't wait to meet you all!
  • Sanni

    Welcome guys! I’m Sanni Zhang, one of the orientation leaders! I'm an international student from China. As a rising Junior, my majors are Psychology and Gender Study (after taking courses from 10 different departments!). I'm taking ballet classes at Wes and I've been in the various kinds of dance performances last two years. I literally had zero experiences about theater before coming to Wes, but I learned a lot while working at the theater shop and did prop making and set building for several plays. I'm also an TEDx@Wesleyan talent intern. One of my favorite things to do is exploring good foods in and around campus. Can't wait to meet you all:)
  • Shakeel

    Hi my name is Shakeel Jessa and I am a junior (’21) Psychology and Government double major from Vancouver, British Columbia. I am a member of the Men’s crew team, an administrative assistant at the Office of International Student Affairs, and a member of the International Student Advisory Board. I am deeply interested in understanding the human mind and how the interactions of people change their experiences. To this end, I am passionate about behavioural and social psychology. I am really looking forward to meeting all of the incoming First Years and hope I can make orientation as fun for you all as it was for me!
  • Shaya

    Hello! My name is Shaya and I’m from Long Island, NY; I’m a member of the Class of 2022 majoring in Environmental Studies, English, and French Studies. I work at the College of the Environment and am also a member of Wesleyan’s Green Fund Committee, an editor for the Artifex Literary Magazine, and a member of the Aikido Club. I spend my free time reading and cooking with friends. Ask me about environmental activism/academics on campus, any of my majors, or my favorite outdoor study spots!
  • Shayla

    My name is Shayla Zhen and I am a rising sophomore from Portland, Oregon. I am currently a prospective double major Psychology and Neuroscience and Behavior. At Wes, I am part of TEDxWesleyanU, volleyball club, and AASC. I volunteer at least once a week to help tutor middle school students with English. I also work for UCAB, the campus activity board, we plan and put on events throughout the year. I can't wait to meet all of you and welcome you to Wesleyan!
  • Skye

    Hi, I'm Skye, class of 2023. My academic interests include studio arts, theater, dance, and computer science. I am part of student organizations Prometheus and Comix Club. My favorite artists include AyaBambi, Jojo Gomez, Violet Chachki, etc. I love pound cakes, latex, tarot readings, camping, dressing up, waacking, stretching, fantasizing, daydreaming, theorizing, and interacting with water. I love spectacles, but I'm also chasing the idea of dancing for the kid watching from the corner.
  • Sophie

    Hey everyone! I'm Sophie Gilbert and I’m a rising sophomore. I’m so excited to welcome you all at New Student Orientation this year! While I live in New Jersey now, I’m northern California born and bred. I’m a prospective Film and Government double major and a French minor too! On-campus, I’m involved in crew work for student theater productions, a band with my friends, the co-ed frisbee team Throw Culture, and our student-run film production organization Cardinal Pictures. Can’t wait to meet all of you so soon, and welcome to Wes!
  • Sophie

    Hi! name is Sophie Green and I'm from Atlanta, Georgia. I'm a part of the class of 2022 and a psychology and biology with a minor in education studies. On campus, I have worked on several Second Stage shows and senior theses in a variety of roles, do research in the Sleep and Psychosocial Adjustment lab, and lead Bystander Intervention Trainings. I also dance with a local tap dance group in Middletown! On the weekend, you can find me in Sci Li with a large coffee or hanging out with my friends. I can't wait to meet you all! Welcome to Wes!
  • Tashfia

    Hi! My name is Tashfia Jilu, I am a rising junior and a Biology and Science in Society double major. On campus, I am a part of Shakti, the Muslim Students Association, the Asian/Asian-American Student Collective, the Women of Color Collective, as well as a McNair Fellow. Off campus, I mentor high school students in Hartford and volunteer at Middlesex Hospital. I am super excited to meet you all!
  • Taylor

    Hi! My name is Taylor and I'm a senior. I'm from Westford, Massachusetts and have grown up there nearly my whole life. I am a Psychology major and Education Studies minor. At Wes, I work at the circulation desk in Olin Library, and as a student van driver for the Office of Community Service. I'm a part of Wesleyan's K-pop dance crew, KDC. I had never danced before but decided to try it. I fell in love with it and it ended up being one of the best decisions I made!
  • Tim

    My name is Tim White. I am a rising sophomore at Wesleyan and a prospective film major. I grew up in Moscow, Russia and I’m bilingual. Apart from film, one of my hobbies has been music. I’ve played drums in bands in high school and am continuing that at Wes. I also love hosting events and DJing. Coming from a city, I am quite passionate about urban studies and hope to learn more while studying abroad. I love talking to people so feel free to ask me about anything from Russian food to Hollywood.
  • Tseten

    Hello! My name is Tseten Lhamo. I am a rising senior at Wes this fall. I am majoring in Economics and pursuing the Writing Certificate. On campus, I am involved with the K-Pop Dance club, the Puzzle club and the Anime club. In my free time, I enjoy meditating, cooking and singing. I am excited to meet all of you and getting to know one another. See you soon!
  • Xiaohan

    Hi guys! I am a rising senior from Memphis, TN. I am a Neuroscience and Behavior major and a College of East Asian Studies minor. I love playing the flute and piano and have trained in Chinese martial arts. On campus, I am involved with Wesleyan's K-pop Dance Crew and work as a tutor for kids in the Middletown community. I look forward to meeting all of you!