2019 Orientation Leaders

  • Abishek

    Hi, My name is Abhishek and I'm one of the New Student Orientation Interns. I grew up in Bengaluru, India and I'm now a rising senior(can't believe it's been three years already omg). I am a Physics and Dance double major and I speak Kannada and English fluently and can understand Hindi. I work as a teaching assistant for a Physics class and I'm also a desk assistant at the Olin Library. I play club soccer whenever I can and I also like playing the guitar occasionally. I have a YouTube channel where I like to document my life and I also started a Creator Club last year. Can't wait to see you all!
  • Alice

    I am part of class 2022. My name is Alice Ghislaine Musabe and Rwandan by nationality. I am board member of African association and member of WesWAC. I am prospective double major in both Biochemistry and Psychology. My hobby at Wesleyan involves talking to friends, watching TV shows, doing poetry, and attending events. I am excited to meet you all and help you integrate in the cardinal family.
  • Alvin

    My name is Alvin Wang and I am in the class of 2021. I was born in California, but I grew up in Taiwan. I enjoy exploring the outdoors and I will be living in Outhouse. I also play water polo on the club team and do research under Professor Erika Taylor.
  • Anna

    Hey class of 2023! My name is Anna Marti, and I am a rising sophomore at Wesleyan. I am a prospective English and Psychology double major and Education Studies minor here at Wes. I live in a small town called Sandwich on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Yes, I went to Sandwich High School, and no, that does not make me an expert in sandwich-making haha. This year I will be the assistant director of Precision Ensemble, a contemporary and jazz dance group on campus. I will also be the crew captain of the Love Your Melon group on campus that raises awareness for children battling cancer, and I will be a TA for the incoming American Sign Language classes. I love attending various events/performances on campus, as well as going out with my friends on the weekends! One of my favorite memories from freshman year is sitting on Foss Hill with my friends until 3 AM and singing along to their guitars. I cannot wait to meet you all!! :)
  • Annabella

    Hi! My name is Annabella, she/her pronouns. I am class of 2022, a theater & FGSS (gender studies) double major with a film minor. I am an international student from Brasil, but my parents live in Mexico. I speak 3 languages fluently, and am currently learning French and ASL. I am a double Capricorn, which makes me pretty headstrong but also loyal. At school I play for the WesRugby team, am a Second Stage staff member, and am considering starting my own volunteer club through the school next semester. I work at WesStation (post office) and for Event Staff. I spent this summer working a production internship for The Public Theater, mostly at Shakespeare in the Park. Feel free to ask my ANYTHING, about Wes, theater or life :) I love giving bad advice.
  • Annika

    My name is Annika and I am a rising sophomore at Wesleyan. Growing up, my family moved back and forth between Oakland, California and the Philippines, where I graduated from high school. As of now, I'm interested in studying Chemistry or Molecular Biology & Biochemistry. At Wes, I have played bassoon in the Orchestra, and I am currently a member of the women's club soccer team and work in the on-campus mail room (Wes-Station).
  • Benjamin

    Hey class of 2023! I’m Ben Filio (class of 2022) and I’m so excited to get to meet y’all. I’m a prospective Neuroscience & Behavior Major with possible minors in Education Studies and College of East Asian Studies. If you’ve watched Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, I’m from ~West Covina, California~ but if not Los Angeles is good enough. On campus I work at Pi Café and I will be a TA for Intro Psych in the spring! Outside of academics I’m part of Asian American Student Collective, POCApella, PINOY, and I will be music directing Second Stage’s production of In The Heights this semester! Once again, congratulations on choosing Wes!
  • Britanya

    My name is Britanya Williams and I'm a rising sophomore. I'm an international student from Jamaica and I'll be an OL for both ISO and NSO. My prospective major and minor are Economics and Data Analysis. On campus, I work as a library assistant in Olin and I'm also a technician with Instructional Media Services. I am a proud Jamaican so a huge part of my time at Wes is spent at Yaadi which is our cultural organisation. Super excited to meet you all in the fall!
  • Brittany

    Hello, my name is Brittany and I am in the class of 2021! I am from Bristol, CT and am majoring in sociology. I transferred to Wes during fall 2018 after attending a community college for three years and graduating with an A.A. in Multimedia. At Wes I’ve been involved in the WesRead/WesMath tutoring program at Middletown elementary schools, the Wesleyan Refugee Project and WeSpeaks. This past semester I was also a tutor for the Wesleyan Center for Prison Education, a program that provides college courses and an associate’s degree behind prison walls. A fun fact about me is that I played the flute for almost ten years. I can’t wait to meet everyone this fall!
  • Bryce

    I am an American born British student in the class of 2022 majoring in the College of Social Studies, with a potential double major in French. I use he/him pronouns, and on-campus I play for the men's rugby team and spend a lot of time playing the piano.
  • Brynn

    Hello class of 2023!!!! My name is Brynn Assignon and I am a rising senior. I am really excited to meet all of you! I am double majoring in MB&B (Molecular Biology and Biochemistry) and French while completing the pre-med requirements. Outside of classes, I am the vice-president of the African Students Association, vice-president of WesSpeaks (A club I started with a friend and our mission is to create a safe space for students to practice their public speaking skills, hit me up on that!), I work in a research lab and I work for UCAB, the campus activity board, we put on a bunch of really cool events throughout the year, hit me up on that too if you are interested! Congratulations on all your achievements so far and I am looking forward to meeting you all and welcoming you to campus! A fun fact about me is that I am originally from Togo, a small country in West Africa!
  • Charlie

    Hi! My name is Charlie Minaya and I am a rising sophomore. I am so delighted to welcome the new students of the Class of 2023 and will be a New Student Orientation Leader this year. For Middle School and High School I studied in the Dominican Republic, helping me be fluent in Spanish. I am a prospective Computer Science major. At Wes, I form part of two organizations, one being Invisible Men which is a group for men of color and I also form part of Caliente, a Latinx dance group. I work at the Usdan Dining Hall and throughout the year you can either see me there or at Exley.
    I am so excited to meet all of you and I hope you all have a wonderful summer break!
  • Chris

    Hi! I'm Chris Jackson, and I'm a rising senior from Opelousas, Louisiana currently majoring in English and Film Studies. I’m a member of the gender-inclusive Greek society Alpha Delta Phi, I’m on the staff of the student filmmaking collective Cardinal Pictures, and I’ve worked on the crews of a few student theater productions through Second Stage. You’ll typically find me in the film department, spending time with my friends, or working in the Box Office in Usdan. It’s my second time as an Orientation Leader, and I couldn't’t be more excited to welcome you all to Wes!
  • Emily

    Hello class of 2023! My name is Emily McEvoy and I'm a member of the class of 2022. I was born and raised in the Waterbury, Connecticut area, and will be moving to Middletown with my family this fall. I'm a CSS major and will hopefully be declaring a Sociology major as well. I work on the campus event staff and in the dining room at Usdan. I volunteer at the North End Action Team in Middletown and lead WesNEAT, a student volunteer group for this organization, and I lead the WSA's Community Committee. Sometimes I think I want to start a One Direction fam club on campus, too...a little fun fact. I am so excited to get to know you all!
  • Emma

    Hello class of 2023! My name is Emma Pennie and I am a rising sophomore. I love in Old Lyme, Connecticut, so Wesleyan is close to home for me! My major is currently undecided, but I am considering the economics major with an international relations certificate. At Wesleyan, I have tried to explore new interests and take advantage of what our school has to offer! I am a member of the rugby team and play flute for the Wesleyan Wind Ensemble. I am so excited to be an Orientation Leader and meet you all!
  • Gigi

    Hi there! My name is Grace Snyder, but lots of people call me Gigi. Originally I'm from Dallas, Texas, but Wesleyan has become a second home for me. I'm a rising senior and studied abroad last semester in Denmark. I'm majoring in Biology with a Bioinformatics & Modeling Certificate, I work for the campus newspaper The Argus as a layout editor, and I play Ultimate Frisbee for the Wes women’s team. I’m excited to meet you all and share the wonderfully weird ways of Wes! Welcome Class of 2023!
  • Gil

    I'm Gilberto Garcia, and I am a rising senior ('20) from Chicago. I am an Astronomy and Math major, and in my free time, I enjoy playing soccer, working at the on - campus recording studio, and tutoring middle school kids. A fun fact about me is that I have 2 dogs: Buddy and Minnie.
  • Griselda

    Hello! I am Griselda Solis, a junior and an American Studies and Environmental Studies double major. I am involved in Ajua Campos and am one of the socioeconomic status and disability interns at the resource center. Fun fact about me is that I love being out in nature <3
  • Harriet

    Hello class of 2023! My name is Harriet and I’ll be one of the ISO leaders this year. I’m a rising sophomore at Wesleyan and I’m from Britain, although I’ve lived in Connecticut for almost three years now. I haven’t declared my major yet but I’m currently thinking of double majoring in Government and History. Aside from academics I love to dance – I was involved in the Spring Dance show last semester and have had the opportunity to watch many wonderful performances on campus. In the upcoming year I’ll also be running a club with my friend Anna called "Love Your Melon" which focuses on helping those with childhood cancer. I’m so looking forward to meeting you all in the fall and wish each of you the best start to your time at Wes.
  • Hezkiel

    I am from Houston Texas, I am class of 2022 (sophomore), I am involved in the filmmaking community (cardinal pictures/lucid color), caliente, Invisible men, and shades productions on campus
  • Jack

    Class of 2023!!! My name is Jack Canavan-Gosselin, and I will be a sophomore this fall. I'm from the small town of South Hadley, Massachusetts, which (for those of you who don't know) is where Mount Holyoke College is located. I am a prospective Computer Science and Music double major, and I'm also very involved in music on campus: I'm in two a Capella groups, have participated in three music department ensembles, played in pits for musicals, hope to work in Red Feather Studios and with Sound Co-op next semester, and am part of a student-run band. I am also involved with the Wesleyan Political Union. Fun fact about me: my ideal Sunday is a barbecue on the lake, and my ideal sundae is peanut butter cup ice cream with whipped cream, a cherry and rainbow sprinkles. I'm super excited to get to know you all!
  • Jada

    Hello Class 2023! My name is Jada Reid and I am a rising sophomore from St. Louis, Missouri. I am currently undecided, but am interested in majoring in Anthropology, English, African American Studies, and/or American Studies. Currently I write for the Arcadia Political Review magazine publication, participate in a poetry club on campus, work at the Resource Center as a Social and Political Activism Intern, and serve on the Board of Trustees as the 8th Representative. When I’m not busy with wes-related things, I love journaling and playing music. I’m so excited to meet and work with you all!
  • Jared

    Hi class of 2023! My name is Jared Christopher, and I am a rising sophomore. I am from Longwood, Florida which is near Orlando and came to Connecticut to escape sweltering and swampy Florida. I would like to major in Neuroscience and Studio Art and possibly minor in IDEAS. I am a distance freestyler on the swim team here at Wesleyan. I spend most of my time in the libraries and Freeman, but aside from academics and athletics, I crochet often, love to bake, play the piano, and can frequently be seen carrying around one of my many reusable bags.
  • Jess

    I am class of 2020 and i am from Shenzhen, China! My major is psychology, but my interests are across the board. Outside of academic i spend a lot of my time reading, traveling, working out and dancing. I am the chair of Kai entrepreneurship. I am also a member of sound co-op.
  • Jesse

    Hey! My name is Jesse Sandler and I’ll be a senior at Wesleyan this upcoming fall. Originally from Oakland, CA, I spent last semester studying abroad in Amsterdam, and I’m studying both economics and psychology here at Wesleyan. While on campus, I’ve been involved with the Wesleyan Refugee Project, Bread Salvage, Spring Fling Committee, and Event Staff. I’m looking forward to meeting you all and getting to know more about you during orientation.
  • Jiner

    Welcome to Wes! My name is Jiner Zheng and I am from Xiamen, China. I’m class of 2021, double major in Computer Science and Psychology, and minor in Data Analysis. I love coding and data visualization, and I also like singing, dancing, and playing Pipa (a beautiful traditional Chinese four-stringed instrument). 

  • Joanna

    Hey class of 2023! I'm Joanna, from right outside of Philadelphia, and I'm a prospective English and possibly Sociology major. I love creative writing and work on the literary magazine Midriff, and I've been involved with numerous plays through Second Stage as a director and assistant stage manager, among other roles. I also play intramural soccer and even occasionally dabble in Zumba, which was not something I planned to do! I can't wait to meet all of you and welcome you to Wesleyan!
  • Julia

    After spending most of my childhood in Brazil, my family and I relocated to the United States and have since lived on Long Island. I am a part of the class of 2022 and am majoring in the College of Social Studies. I am involved in a student led initiative to establish or otherwise improve the availability of on and off campus resources for undocumented students. We advocate for the needs of these students primarily through direct communication with the administration; I hope to continue this work in the upcoming years and to become more involved in other similar initiatives.
  • Keith

    Hey, Class of 2023! I am Keith Jones, class of 2022. I am an intended double major in theatre and psychology. I am originally from Long Island! I am involved with Second Stage, the theatrical production organization on campus. This semester I am working on staff and plan to get involved in many other ways too. Last year I was able to act, direct, costume design and construct sets for multiple shows. My favorite color is purple.
    I am very excited to meet you all, go Wes!
  • Keli

    Hi, my name is Keli Jiang (pronunciation is the same as 'Kelly'). I'm a rising sophomore at Wesleyan. I'm a prospective Sociology and Psychology double major. I I speak English, Chinese, and (un peu de) French.
  • Kevonte

    Hi guys my name is Kevonte Payton and I'm from New Orleans, Louisiana. I am a rising sophomore here at Wesleyan and plan on creating my own major around Economics and Government while also minoring in Data Analyst. Somethings that I do outside of school is that I'm a tour guide at the office of admissions, vice president of the questbridge chapter, and involved in two hip-hop dance groups here on campus.
  • Kyron

    My name is Kyron Roberts and I am a rising junior at Wesleyan. I am an Art Studio and African American Studies double major with a minor in Integrated Design, Engineering, and Applied Science with a concentration in 3D design. Home for me is Brooklyn, New York, yeeerrrr. On campus, I’m a student-athlete on the men’s Track & Field team. I am also a part of Wesleyan’s longest running long-form improv group, Gag Reflex, and I am in the Alpha Delta Phi Co-Educational Literary Society. On the weekends, I like to cut-up with my friends, watch performances on campus, or explore Main Street. I can’t wait to see all you Dirty Birds this fall! Go Wes! 
  • Luke

    Hi! My name is Luke Green and I am an incoming senior at Wes in the class of 2020. I am from Haverford, Pennsylvania, and I study History and Environmental Studies. On campus I am the Production Director of WESU (our on campus radio station), a student leader of Climate Action Group, and a volunteer with Bread Salvage. I like to play guitar, play intramural basketball, or cook in my free time. See you all in August!
  • Madison

    Hello! My name is Madison and I am from The Bronx, NY. I'm currently a senior, class of 2020, and I am a member of the Ujamaa logistics board, Korean Student Association, and the Co-president of the KPOP Dance Club. I am an East Asian Studies major and just recently returned from studying abroad in South Korea. A fun fact about me is that I have a piece of pencil lead in my knee that has been there since the 5th grade (and I think its a bit too late to take it out). I look forward to meeting you guys!
  • Maren

    Hello! My name is Maren Westgard and I am a rising sophomore here at Wesleyan. I am a Psychology and Dance major as well as an Education Studies minor. Aside from academics, you can find me performing in Second Stage productions, jamming in the music studios, teaching with Adolescent Sexual Health Awareness (ASHA), and buying too many strawberries at Swings (Wes Wings). I am from Orange, Connecticut. For a fun fact, my favorite color is yellow! See you all this fall!
  • Maria

    Welcome Class of 2023! My name is María Frías Vellón and I’m a rising senior. I was born and raised in Caguas, Puerto Rico and I’m double majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior (NS&B) and Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies (FGSS). On campus, I work at the circulation desk in Olin and at the administrative office for the FGSS/SISP departments. On the weekends, I enjoy supporting my theater friends in their performances, chilling on Foss and making past-midnight runs to the falafel truck for mozz sticks. A fun fact about me is that I’ve held a beating human heart in my hand. The summer before my senior year of high school, I participated in a program for prospective pre-med students where I had the opportunity to scrub-in and observe multiple surgeries, including open-heart surgery, and one of the surgeons let us to step in and hold the patient’s heart!
    I’m looking forward to meeting you all and helping you find your home at Wes!
  • Marissa Rose

    Hi! My name is Marissa Rose Chang (my first name is both words) and I am in the class of 2022. I was born and raised in San Diego, California and declared a major in the College of Social Studies. I work for the Center for the Arts (CFA) here at Wes as well as volunteering with WesReads/WesMath which is a program where Wesleyan students go to Middletown to provide extra support for local elementary schools. I am also involved in Wesleyan Political Union.
  • Meiwen

    Hi guys! I'm Meiwen, class of 2021. I've lived in both Illinois and Tianjin, China. At Wes I'm an Economics and English double major, and I'm involved in the ISAB on campus. Also, I like hotpot.
  • Melisa

    Welcome to Wes, Class of 2023! I am a rising senior McNair Fellow double-majoring in Neuroscience & Behavior and Science in Society, with a certificate in Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory. I'm from New York and Turkey, and will endlessly talk about my Middle Eastern-ness at the Middle Eastern Student Union on Campus! In the world of ~science~, I am a Wesleyan Mathematics and Science Scholar and am a research assistant in the Schizophrenia Cognition Lab. Outside of the world of academia, I am the Religious and Spiritual Diversity Intern, I co-lead the Interfaith Council, am the co-president of Wesleyan's AMSA (American Medical Students' Association), and am involved in the NSM Coalition, which is a group on campus dedicated to diversity and inclusion in STEM. I am also an editor for Wesleying, our campus blog!
  • Mercedes

    Hi! My name is Mercedes Reichner '20, and I'm from Philadelphia, PA. I'm a Psychology and French double major with a minor in Education Studies. At Wes, I am a member of SALD's Event Staff, involved in the Jewish community, the coordinator for a Psychology lab, and I volunteer teaching French to young children in the community. I also just got back from a semester studying abroad in Paris. I'm so excited to meet you all!
  • Milton

    Wassup incoming Frosh, my name is Milton Espinoza Jr. and I'll be a sophomore this fall semester. I was born and raised in Newark, NJ so living in Middletown, CT was a huge adjustment for me. I'm double majoring in Theater and Anthropology, and I am involved with a lot of student groups on campus: 2nd Shades, Invisible Men, and Pocapella, just to name a few. I also will be directing "In the Heights" for 2nd Stage's Fall Season so come out and audition. Welcome to Wes!
  • Morgan

    Hi everyone! I'm Morgan Maben. I'm a rising sophomore from Memphis, but I moved to Atlanta about a year ago. I'm a tour guide, so you're bound to see me around at some point! In addition to working for admissions, I do poetry and photography for a number of student publications on campus, I'm a board member of WoCoCo (the Women of Color Collective), and I'm a Questbridge scholar. I'm hoping to major in Studio Art with a concentration in photography and minor in Film. Even though I'm studying film, I actually haven't finished a TV show since 2011! I watch shows up until the finale and then just imagine that they go on forever!
  • Naomi

    My name is Naomi Okada, I'm from Tokyo and I am a rising senior at Wesleyan! I am a Theater major and an Education Studies and College of East Asian Studies double minor. At Wes, you will probably find me at various show rehearsals and meetings, as I am very involved with the theatre scene here through Second Stage, Shades and the Theatre Department. I also love to sing with my a capella group, Notably Sharp. This year, I'm very excited to be working with the Admissions Office as a Senior Interviewer. I'm so excited to meet you all!
  • Nathali

    Hi everyone! My name is Nathali Madrid and I'm a junior from Union City, NJ. I'm a double major in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and the Science in Society Program, as well as minoring in Education Studies. On campus, I am the financial manager for SPECTRUM, the queer people of color affinity group, and the secretary for Ajúa Campos, the LatinX affinity group. In addition, I am one of the committee members in charge of planning ¡Pa'lante!, Wesleyan's Spanish-speaking graduation ceremony. During my free time, I usually hang out on Foss Hill or I'm cheffing it up in the kitchen with my friends. I can't wait to meet y'all this upcoming fall!
  • Nathan

    I am a senior from Easton, Maryland majoring in Theater and Hispanic Literatures and Cultures. I am HEAVILY involved in theater on campus as an actor (and occasional costume designer) in both Second Stage and the Theater Department. I work in the CFA Costume Shop, and as a Diversity and Community Engagement intern at the Resource Center with a focus in Social and Political Activism. I am also an active member of the Alpha Delta Phi Society, Middletown Chapter.
  • Olive

    Hi I’m Olive, a rising senior and a Theater and English double major! I grew up in NYC, and am heavily involved without second stage and theater on campus. I spent a semester working at Oddfellows Playhouse in Middletown, and have spent 4 semesters working in Olin Library. My favorite things to do at Wes are go to town and grab a meal with friends, dance at wesrave when it happens each year, and cook with the food i’ve gotten from co-op. On any given weekend you can probably find me at Whey Station, our grilled cheese truck, in the theater department, or watching a movie with friends.
  • Ori

    Hi, class of 2023! My name is Ori and I'm a rising sophomore from Washington, DC. I study Religion and Psychology and love a good research project. Outside of the classroom, I'm heavily involved in religious life on campus, both as co-head of the Wesleyan Interfaith Council and as a board member for the Wesleyan Jewish Community. I also coordinate prefrosh's overnight hosting and am a tour guide for the Office of Admission. If we met when you were a prefrosh, please come re-introduce yourself because I'll be super happy to see you on campus!
  • Piya

    Hi everyone. My name is Piya Oberoi, I am a rising sophomore (class of 2022!) and I am a prospective Neuroscience & Behavior major with a certificate in Middle Eastern Studies. I was born and raised in Singapore, but moved to Dubai, UAE when I was 15 and now consider it home. I was involved in TEDxWesleyanU 2019 and I am part of Wesleyan's only sorority on campus, Rho Epsilon Pi.

    I am super excited to take part in this year's orientation and can't wait to meet you all!
  • Sanni

    Welcome guys! I’m Sanni Zhang, one of the New Student Orientation Interns! I'm an international student from China. As a rising sophomore, my perspective majors are Psychology and Gender Study (after taking courses from 10 different departments!). I'm taking ballet classes at Wes and I've been in the Spring Dance performances last semester. I literally had zero experiences about theater before coming to Wes, but I learned a lot while working at the theater shop and did prop making and set building for Eurydice, the faculty theater product last semester. One of my favorite things to do is exploring good foods in and around campus. Can't wait to meet you all:)
  • Shanté

    Hello! My name is Shanté, I am a sophomore and one of the FTF Orientation Leaders for the Class of 2023! I was born and raised in Georgetown, Guyana, but I now live in Newark, New Jersey! I am a prospective Anthropology and American Studies double major. On campus, I am a part of Spectrum, Wesleyan’s Type 1 Diabetic Chapter, and I am an Office Assistant at the Resource Center where I’ve gotten the chance to work with many student groups to plan campus events! In my spare time, you can find me binge watching shows, writing, singing, or making Trillers around campus. I can’t wait to meet all of you!

    All the best,
  • Shaya

    Hello! I'm Shaya, one of the New Student Orientation Leaders and a member of the Class of 2022. I'm from Long Island, New York, and am a prospective English, Environmental Studies, and French Studies triple major. On campus I work for the College of the Environment and am involved with the Green Fund Committee, the Artifex Magazine, and the GameLab. I spend my free time outside or with my cat. Welcome to Wesleyan!
  • Simi

    My name is Simi Dalyop and I am a rising sophomore. I was born in Nigeria but I now call Boston, Ma home. I am a prospective Neuroscience and biology double major. Here at Wes, I am part of the Wesleyan Refugee Project and College of East Asian Studies Outreach program. I am currently working in a Neuroscience Lab on Campus. I love chilling on Fridays evenings (mostly watching movies and sleeping) and hanging out with friends. I look forward to meeting you all.
  • Tashfia

    Hi! My name is Tashfia Jilu and I am a rising sophomore at Wes. I live in Connecticut- only a half hour away from campus! Although I'm not sure what I'd like to study yet, I am a pre-med student. On campus, I work in the Usdan dining hall. I'm also a member of Shakti (the South Asian student organization), the Women of Color Collective, and I am on the board for the Muslim Students Association. Looking forward to meeting y'all!
  • Taylor

    Hi! My name is Taylor and I'm a rising junior. I'm from Westford, Massachusetts and have grown up there nearly my whole life. I am a Psychology major and Education Studies minor. At Wes, I tutor kids at Traverse Square, a tutoring program that serves students in the Middletown community. I also work at the circulation desk in Olin Library. One club I'm involved in is the K-pop dance crew, KDC. I had never danced before but decided to try it. I fell in love with it and it ended up being one of the best decisions I made!

    See you in the Fall!
  • Tseten

    Welcome to Wesleyan, Class of 2023! My name is Tseten Lhamo and I go by she/her pronouns. I live in the heart of Queens, New York. I am currently a junior majoring in Economics and pursuing a Writing Certificate. I work as a Tutor for high school students at Upward Bound Math & Science, a program that is closely affiliated with the university. As for extracurriculars, I am heavily involved in Wesleyan's one and only KDC, K-pop Dance Club. I am interested in learning about Buddhist thought and meditation but also in relaxing and catching my breath every now and then. Don't be shy to reach out to me during the year if you want to meditate together! I am looking forward to meeting all of you and getting to know one another!

  • Will

    Hey guys! My name is Will Halm and I just wrapped up my freshman year at Wes. I'm from a town in Upstate New York called Burnt Hills (literally no one knows what or where it is) and I'm prospectively majoring in Government. I'm a part of the Wesleyan branch of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) here on campus as well as the Wesleyan Refugee Project. Typically you can find me holed up in various study spaces on campus or contemplating the nature of our existence. I'm excited to meet all of you!
  • Xiaohan

    My name is Xiaohan Zhan, and I am in the class of 2021. I am from Memphis, Tennessee. I am a Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (MB&B) and Neuroscience and Behavior (NS&B) double major. I am involved in the KPop dance group and Chinese music ensemble.
  • Yuan

    Hello everyone, my name is Yuan and I am a senior from Guangzhou, China. I major in the college of social studies (CSS) and mathematics, with a minor in data analysis. On campus, I am a member of the Chinese Cultural Club and the Shades Theater Collective. I enjoy cooking and eating great food. Welcome to Wes!