Health and Wellness Information

The Davison Health Center facility located at 327 High Street houses four health offices including:

  • Health Services (medical care)
  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) (mental health services)
  • WesWell, the Office of Health Education
  • Survivor Advocacy and Community Education (SACE)

Staff members work in a collaborative fashion assuring Wes students’ health and wellness needs are met.  The Health Center and CAPS provides on-call services after hours for urgent concerns, when classes are in session.  All visits to the Davison Health Center offices are free.


                                Image of Davison Health Center

  • Health Services

    Health Services requires all incoming students to complete a medical records packet including physical exam and immunizations required by the State of CT by July 1.  The form can be found at  If you have any issues or questions, please email  All students must comply annually with health insurance requirements and a home mailing is sent out in mid-June.  The online website to submit private insurance information is and is due by August 12.

    Please look this over as soon as possible, as action is required. Insurance FAQs and the Fall 2020 insurance invoice are also available. 

  • The Office of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

    The Office of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides comprehensive short-term mental health services.  The goal is to assist students as they navigate through life’s challenges within the context of a highly rigorous and demanding academic environment.  Crisis appointments are available each weekday and an after-hours on-call center with licensed therapists is utilized for urgent concerns when the office is closed.  Appointments and the on-call service can be reached at 860-685-2910.
  • WesWell, the Office of Health Education

    WesWell understands the impact of student health on academic performance and is committed to providing services that are designed to develop healthy behaviors and prevent health concerns that may interfere with academic and personal success.  All incoming students are required to complete two online programs before entering campus focusing on alcohol and other drugs and sexual violence.  An email will be sent to students with log in information and directions to find the websites via their student WesPortal (under the Student Affairs bucket).  Check out the WesWell website for information on volunteer opportunities as a peer health advocate.
  • The Office of Survivor Advocacy and Community Education (SACE)


    SACE is dedicated to empowering survivors, and those connected with survivors, of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and other forms of interpersonal violence through survivor-centered, trauma-informed advocacy services, healing workshops and retreats, trainings, and educational programs within the Wesleyan University community.