The Catholic Student Association is a student-run organization of Catholic students who seek to live out their Christian commitment in a faith community that emphasizes respect, dignity, and friendship.  The vision of education and campus life that is reflected in our group is one that attempts to integrate the search for knowledge with love and service to the academic community and the world at large.   Although distinctively Catholic, the CSO respects all religious traditions and welcomes all those who wish to share their talents and gifts.

Most of the activities and events that are planned and organized by the CSO are coordinated through the Catholic chaplain’s office located in the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, Room 205, 169 High Street.  These activities and events generally evolve around celebration of the sacraments, particularly weekly Eucharist, but also include many other opportunities for prayer, retreats, social justice, service projects, fellowship, etc.

The CSO is comprised of students from all walks of life, who represent a vast array of majors, and participate in a wide variety of athletic, cultural, and social activities here on campus.   The CSO will meet once a month, or as needed, to socialize or plan activities or events.  The meetings are usually informal, short, and centered around a prayer and food!   The CSO does not require dues or a formal initiation, and all persons who care about Gospel values are invited.   New members, ideas, and suggestions are always welcomed.

If you think that you might like to join our organization or spend some time with us, please reach out to Father Bill, the Catholic chaplain, or one of the student leaders below.  The CSO is a great way to meet new people and make lasting friends in a supportive and encouraging community.  Try us.  You might be surprised at what you find.  And hey, don't forget to love us on Facebook

Student Leaders in CSO:

Shantel Sosa, Class of 2021
Lauren Greenberg, Class of 2022
Sarahy Barcenas, Class of 2022