General Events

The Protestant Community provides a weekly worship service, bible studies, times of prayer, and other programming to enrich the spiritual life of students and expand intellectual endeavors beyond the classroom.

Please confirm time/location by contacting the students named below.

Wesleyan Christian Fellowship (WesCF)

The Protestant Community at Wesleyan is an active, multicultural, interdenominational community of students welcoming all. The Protestant Community provides regular weekly gatherings, Bible studies, times of prayer, and other activities to enrich the spiritual life of students and expand intellectual endeavors beyond the classroom. All are welcome to our weekly events, wherever you may find yourself on their journey of faith!
Contact us via WesNest, our email address:, our contact person Keren Lebron Ramos: klebronramos@wesleyan.eduor our Instagram @wesleyan_cf
Our weekly activities are the following:



Alpha is a series of sessions for students exploring the Christian faith. Each session looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation. This will be a free and safe space where you can come as you are, bring your questions, and have a conversation about the big questions regarding life and faith. Please keep in mind that this is catered to people who are new to the Christian faith and people who are interested in learning more about Christianity! 


Bible Study


Each week, we will host a Bible study where we will study biblical passages as a community. These studies will include looking at specific Bible passages, studying whole books of the Bible, or examining themes and characters. Ultimately, we aim to have a better understanding of who God is and His plans for us. Please keep in mind that these sessions will generally cater to believers who have been in the faith for a while and want to mature and grow deeper in knowledge!


Prayer Meetings


Each week, we will be hosting a prayer meeting where we gather together and pray. In each prayer session, we provide those who attend with a safe space to express their needs so that we can bring them before God in prayer, as well as support each other as a community. Additionally, each prayer session will also be centered around a topic that aims to strengthen our prayer lives. This event is open to all!


Bi-weekly Sunday Services:

at Memorial Chapel @ 2 pm

Join us to meet God right where you are! We will be hosting student-led Sunday services that include worship, student pieces (testimonies, dances, music pieces, poems, bible readings), and sermons. We aim to create an atmosphere to encourage spiritual growth and to meet GodOur fall semester services are on the following days: September 12th, September 26th, October 10th, November 7th, November 21st, & December 5th. These services are welcome to everyone!!

Annual Special Services/Events

  • Interfaith Convocation Dinner
  • Service Trip to New Jersey
  • InterVaristy Service Trip
  • Welcome reception for new students during New Student Orientation
  • Fall BBQ at Lighthouse, the Christian program house
  • Christmas Celebration and Dinner
  • Ecumenical Ash Wednesday Service with Wesleyan's Catholic community
  • Easter Sunday Resurrection Service and Ecumenical Reception
  • Reception for prospective students during WesFest

Previous Lectures/Events


  • Faith and Politics, January 2020: Middletown Councilman Ed Ford
  • The Intersectionality of Pro-Life and Feminist Activism, April 2019:  Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa from New Wave Feminists 
  • Activist or Criminal: Standing Up for Moral, Religious, or Ethical Convictions in a Polarized World, November 2017:  Rev. Chris Antal, Chaplain at the Veteran's Administration and former Army Chaplain
  • Faith and Life, October 2017:  Jason Romano, producer/host of Sports Spectrum and former producer at ESPN
  • Resistance in Jesus' Name:  The 60's and Now, January 2017:  Rev. Brooks Smith
  • We Are Not the Same: Can Everyone Tell, January 2016:  Dr. Sherry-Ann Brown, MD, PhD
  • Balancing Multiple Identities: Being a Scientist and Person of Faith, February 2015:  Professor Michelle Francl, Bryn Mawr
  • Faith, Religion, and Queer Identity, February 2015:  Interfaith panel discussion with students, alum, and clergy
  • Desire and Relationship:  What's Love Got To Do With It?, February 2014:  Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, Wesleyan's Career Center
  • Marching On:  A Conference on Gun Violence Prevention, September 2013:  Governor Dannel Malloy, Senator Richard Blumenthal, and Senator Chris Murphy
  • Mapping the Origins Debate: Six Models of the Beginning of Everything, April 2013:  Gerald Rau
  • Not Afraid of Darwin or ChristWebinar with Princeton Theological Seminary, April 2013
  • Celebrating 180 Years of Protestant Religious Life at Wesleyan, 2011
  • The Politics of Jesus: Rediscovering the True Revolutionary Nature of What Jesus Believed And How It Was Corrupted, 2008:  Obery Hendricks Jr.
  • True For You… But Not For Me: Is There Wisdom in Relativism?
  • American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us, 2011:  David Campbell

Service Projects

  • Interfaith Service Trip to NJ, 2017-2019
  • Gulf Coast Service Spring Break Trip, 2008-2019
  • Interfaith Service Trip to Harrisburg, PA, 2016
  • Food Packing Project with Feeding Children Everywhere, 2014
  • Food Packing event with Middletown Community Thanksgiving Project, 2015
  • Annual Rocky Hill Veteran's Home visit for Veteran's Day, 2012-15
  • March For Change Rally against Gun Violence in Hartford, 2013
  • First Baptist Church Soup on Sunday, 2009-2010
  • Haiti Relief, 2009-2010
  • Thanksgiving Feeding Families, American Red Cross Middlesex Central Connecticut Chapter, 2010-11
  • Ugandan Orphanage, 2010

Celebrating Multiculturalism

  • Celebration of Gospel, 2013
  • Caribbean Worship: Encounter God’s Presence, 2011
  • Celebrating the Black Church, 2008
  • Emerging Voices, 2009
  • Gospel Extravaganza, 2009-2010

lighthouse barbecue