Davenport Study Grants

In past years, Davenport Scholarships have been awarded to sophomores and juniors who have “demonstrated intellectual and moral excellence and a concern for public affairs” and “who by their personal qualities and vocational and scholarly intentions give greatest promise of leadership in the public service.” It is expected that most of the grants will be concentrated in the social science departments and the CSS, but applications will be accepted from majors in all areas of the University as long as the proposed projects are related to public affairs.




Aletta Brady Negotiating International Watercourse Agreement:  Why are the Nile River Basin States Unable to Collectively Agree on a Framework for Water Allocations?
Amy Cao Culture and the Culture of Medicine in 19th Century Middletown, CT.
Talia DeRogatis Whose Right to the City: The Contested Rhetoric of Urban Change in Brazil.
John DiCandeloro To Print a Mirror:  Print Networks and National Consciousness.
Alexander Donesky A New Paradigm in Sustainable Development?  An Inquiry into the Methods and Theories of Eric Mathis, Philosopher and Applied Sustainability Entrepreneur.
Gabriel Frankel A History of British National Security and Counterterriorism in Palestine Geographies of Violence and Security in the Twentieth Century.
Samuel Furnival The Aam Aadmi Party: Deepening the Largest Democracy.
Emily Hoge Invalidi and the Body Politic Russian Concepts of Disability Across the Collapse of the Soviet Union.
Orelia Jonathan

Child Soliders or Child Participation:  A Historical Look at the Rite of Passage Ceremonies in South Sudan.

Qunita Jurecic


Gillian Mahoney

Records of Anguish:  The Obama Administration's Targeted Killing Program and the Myth of the Tragic Politician. __________________________________________________________________________________________

The Palace and the Castle: A Study of Memory in Reunified Berlin.

Hibiki Mizuno Alternative American Culture:  Asian/Asian American Immigrant.  Identity and Representation After the Immigration Act of 1965.
Zheyan Ni

Liang Qichao and Dilemmas of Freedom, Citizenship and the Political Imagination in Modern China.

Avital Robbins
The Emergence of a Domestic Market for Specialty Coffee in Columbia.

Shourya Sen

The Inland Fisheries of Bengal:  Institutions and Development.
Max Shafer-Landau The World is not Enough:  How Powerful was the 16th Century's Most Powerful Person?
Samira Siddique Between Coal and a Green Space:  Ecotourism in Combatting Bangladesh's Enviromental Degradation.
Henry Sikes

The Black Eagle and the Lone Star:  A Cultural History of German Settlers and their Impact on Texan Identity.

Tanaya Srinivasakrishman Diverging Legacies:  Assessing Access to Urban Life for South Africians in Light of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
Molly Steinfeld Obesity Prevention:  Forging Reform in the National School Lunch Program.

Elijah Stevens

Local Actors, Global Citizens: Food Politics and Indigenous & Campesino Activism in Colombia.

Ariane Turley


JinGe Yu

The Heart of Asia:  Heritage Tourism and Naitonal Identity Formation in Taiwan.


Bank-level Study into the Effects of Monetary Sterilization on Local Loan Rates.