Davenport Study Grants

In past years, Davenport Scholarships have been awarded to sophomores and juniors who have “demonstrated intellectual and moral excellence and a concern for public affairs” and “who by their personal qualities and vocational and scholarly intentions give greatest promise of leadership in the public service.” It is expected that most of the grants will be concentrated in the social science departments and the CSS, but applications will be accepted from majors in all areas of the University as long as the proposed projects are related to public affairs.




Valere Demuynck Public Health in French Colonial Algeria.
Deren Ertas The Anatomy of a Social Moverment:  Occupy Gezi and Citizenship in Turkey. 
Olivia Glick Political Change Without Economic Change in South Africa:  An Analysis of the Black  Economic Empowerment Program.
Mike Greenwald Cracks in the Pavements:  The Street Population of Nepal.
Jiyoung Han Regionalism and Conflict Political Polarization in South Korea.
Samuel Ingbar Exploring Ritual Expressions of Dynastic Power:  Donative Inscription in the Early Buddhist Monasteries of the Western Deccan.
Bulelani Jili Citizening the Constitution:  Deepening and Preserving our Commitment to Democracy Through Shared Public Dialogue.
Lynn Ma Working Title:  The Role of Political Comedy.
Kerry Nix

Climate Club Creation in the World Trade Organization.

Maria Paterson

The Mau Mau Rebellion:  Understanding an Ethnonationalist Movement within a Nation.

Cole Phillips

The Role of Arab and Islamic Tribes in Terrorism and Counterterrorism.

Eki Ramadham Political Determination of Resources Nationalism:  A Comparative Study of Mineral Governance in Indonesia and Malaysia.
Nina Stender

Hong Kong's Dysfunctional Constituency:  Local Economic Elite's Political Roles in Hong Kong as British Colony and Chinese Region.

Eva Weintraub Social Barriers to Universal Human Papillomavirus Vaccination of Adolescents in the U.S.

David Whitney

Theorizing the Standardization of Time in the United States. 
Rebecca Winkler Ecofeminist Intersectional Analyses of Human Elephant Interactions.
Li Zhong The Dragon Traverses Eurasia:  Gauging China's New Silk Road in Central Asia.