Parents Council

The Parents Council was instituted in 1994.  It is open to all parents and there are no membership dues. The Council's mission is to facilitate communication between parents and the University, as well as within the parent constituency, and to promote the inclusion of parents in the greater Wesleyan community. 

To accomplish this mission, parents will:

  • Recruit and utilize volunteers for Parents Council activities and programs.
  • Serve as Wesleyan ambassadors in local communities.
  • Provide input to the University regarding issues of interest for parents.
  • Provide financial support to the University.

Wesleyan encourages parents to participate in this vibrant community in a number of ways. These can be just plain fun, can lead to new friendships and contacts, and can be enlightening in many ways.

Parents Council volunteers focus their efforts in the following main areas: parent-to-parent outreach, career resources, communications and ParentLine, fundraising (The Wesleyan Fund), campus events, and local Wesleyan club events.

Key volunteers provide leadership for the Parents Council's work on an ad hoc basis. These key volunteers serve in advisory roles for the Office of Parent Programs, and support the volunteer activities of the Council.

For more information about volunteer roles within the Parents Council, please contact  the Office of Parent Programs at (860) 685-3756 or e-mail