Dear Parent of the Class of 2023,


It seems hard to believe that we are more than half-way through your student’s first semester at Wesleyan. As I stated in my previous note to you, my focus for the first year is to help students make a smooth transition to college, particularly academically. Over the next several years, I will continue to advise and support your student through the various other milestones of their college journey. I am sure you are looking forward to observing and encouraging the intellectual development and personal growth that your student has likely already experienced. However, feelings of discomfort and uncertainty often accompany the milestones of growth students experience in college, so I ask that you encourage your students to identify and practice the interpersonal skills and self-advocacy that will help through this process. Please tell your student to come in and see me and utilize the other resources on campus if they have not already done so, such as peer tutors, Academic Peer Advisors, the Writing Workshop, the Math Workshop and STEM Zone. The activity of talking through ideas and challenges is a cognitive tool that can help clarify goals and solidify next steps. I can help your student to connect with resources and talk with them about any issues they might be facing.


At this time in the semester, your student should have already identified some courses they would like to take during the Spring 2019 semester. I have been available to discuss course selection during my daily drop-in sessions or individual meeting and the Academic Peer Advisors held open sessions in the dorms. After these discussions, students are required to schedule a meeting with their faculty advisor to further review and approve their tentative schedule.  The Pre-Registration process will end on November 26. Students will be able to make minor adjustments to their schedules during the Spring Drop/Add period when classes begin next semester but it is preferable that students use the month of November to wisely plan a reasonable schedule of courses. 


After the November Break, (November 27-December 2), there will be only one week until classes end (December 6). There will be a Reading Period (December 7-10), followed by final exams (December 10-14). University housing will close at noon on December 15. Please note that faculty are not required to adjust exam schedules or excuse students from classes to accommodate travel schedules. Please encourage your student to confirm their exam schedules with their course instructors in advance of booking any travel. Winter Session courses are also available during the January break.   University housing will re-open on January 20, 2020 and classes will begin on January 23.


As your student continues to settle in to Wesleyan, please be sure to visit the Parents Program website, Student Affairs website, Class of 2023 blog (which includes my weekly notes to the class) and President Michael Roth’s blog to keep up with campus activities and concerns. If I may be of assistance to you and your student, please do not hesitate to be in touch.




Jennifer Wood

Dean for the Class of 2023



*Please click on the email address above to contact me rather than the generic “Reply.” The latter does not go directly to the dean’s email, so correspondence will not reach me.