From: Wesleyan Student Assembly []
Sent: Saturday, April 12, 2014 9:36 PM
Subject: Sexual Assault Discussion at This Week's WSA Meeting

Dear all,

This Sunday, the WSA will be discussing sexual assault from
8:30-10:00pm in Usdan 108. This will be a conversation to discuss what
the community believes would reduce sexual assault on campus. We have
framed the discussion around these four topics, though we welcome all

1. Prevention and education
2. Reporting and adjudicating
3. Supporting survivors
4. Alcohol and spaces (including, but not limited to, Greek life)

President Roth, Dean Mike Whaley, Dean Antonio Farias (Chief Diversity Officer), and Alysha Warren (Sexual Violence Resource Coordinator and Therapist) will be present to listen to student concerns.

As always, we encourage all students to attend WSA meetings to discuss
their thoughts.

Please email with any questions.