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Subject: 2015-16 Student Handbook and University Policies

As the semester gets underway today, I want to remind you that the updated student handbook and important university policies can be found online at:

In addition to the code of non-academic conduct and the honor code, the online handbook includes the university’s Alcohol and Other Drug Policy, the Sexual Misconduct and Assault Policy and a number of other departmental and university wide policies. The university’s Residency Policy has been updated and clarified this year and is included in the handbook. You will find a searchable table of contents on page one in the handbook.

Please remember that Wesleyan has an online reporting form for reporting any violations of policy or the concerning behavior of another student. If you need an immediate response or in an emergency please contact Public Safety at (860) 685-3333.  In other situations, you can submit a report to my office here:

Over the past few years, in consultation with students, and in light of the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) act,  the university made a number of changes to the University’s Sexual Misconduct and Assault Policy and the procedures for adjudicating these cases.   The policy is now consolidated in the university’s Discriminatory Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy.

In addition, Alysha Warren continues to serve as the Sexual Assault Resource Coordinator in the Counseling Center.  In that capacity, she serves as the point person for Wesleyan’s sexual violence prevention efforts.  Alysha and all of the therapists in the Counseling Center at the Davison Health Center serve as confidential resources for any student dealing with a personal issue or just needing someone to confide in.  For a summary of what to do in the event of an assault please go here: 

 If you have any questions about any of the policies in the handbook, please feel free to email or stop by my office on the first floor of North College.

I wish you all a successful fall semester!


Dean Culliton

Rick Culliton

Dean of Students

Wesleyan University