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Subject: Report from the Illegal Drug Task Force



In spring 2015, we convened a task force to identify best practices with respect to illegal drug policy, outreach and prevention on campus, and improve student safety and wellbeing.  The group benefitted from the active involvement of students, administrators, faculty, alumni and parents with expertise in this area.  Local and national prevention and policy experts also participated in the group’s work. 


From among the group’s recommendations we would like to highlight the following:


  • Augment Bystander Intervention training to include scenarios involving illegal drug use
  • Build awareness of existing Wesleyan resources and networks supporting students in recovery and who abstain
  • Strengthen ties to local treatment resources and improve the process of making referrals to these agencies
  • Audit messaging around alcohol and drug use, and work toward alignment of formal and informal messages
  • Equip and train Public Safety to use Narcan (opioid use at Wesleyan remains low, but this is now a “best practice” on campuses given increased use in many communities)
  • Increase education and communication about University judicial outcomes as well as possible legal consequences related to alcohol and drug use.

The Task Force’s full report is posted on the WesWell website at:




Rick Culliton, Dean of Students

Tanya Purdy, Director of WesWell