Dear Students,


As the weather warms, many of you will be outside watching our athletes and musicians or just sunning with friends on Foss Hill.  There will be celebrations in the coming weeks as seniors finish their final projects/theses and as all of you complete your work for the year.  Experience indicates that the end of the semester may also be stressful for many of you.


I want to encourage each of you take care of yourself and to look out for your fellow students.  Many of you have participated in bystander intervention training over the past several years and learned some strategies for preventing harm as well as helping to keep your friends and other students from engaging in risky behavior.  All of you have developed support groups of classmates and friends that are there for you when you face challenges and when you celebrate accomplishments.  We hope that you will continue to use those skills and these networks to keep each other safe and supported in the coming weeks.  Please reach out to your faculty mentors, coaches or any of us in Student Affairs if you need help or support.  We’re here for you.


Caring for and looking out for ourselves and one another will help all of us to end the year well.  Take good care!  Go Wes!



Dean Mike



Michael J. Whaley (he, him, his)

Vice President for Student Affairs

Wesleyan University

237 High Street

Middletown, CT   06459